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Hello all!

Well I'm a novice. Had skied few days, about 5 seasons. :
Ok! on the last 2 seasons I must to say. Small and big turns become easy, in groomed trails, for sure.

The last one at Tremblant, I've experienced big time at blue ones.
After some afraid to get in the blacks(my son push me all the time)... I would to say that was not so worry as I had thought, in fact, it was amazing and I felt better than I expected :.

But I commonly see people talking about level "8", "6". How can I know what my level is?? there are a some "level table"?

Thanks !
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Here's a table i found doing a quick google search.
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Do a search. There are a lot of threads here on this topic. You will find that the definitions have quite a range in terms of what each level entails. There is one around here somewhere that seems to be the generally accepted scale in posts on this site.
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Generally, (epic level) = (ski school website level) minus one
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Originally Posted by mdf View Post
Generally, (epic level) = (ski school website level) minus one
I was thinking more like minus three or four...
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I think this thread will answer your question.
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Bom gia Eduardo!

Levels are only for ski school lessons so that you can be put in a group with people who ski like you do. A lot of ski schools have slight differences in how they define levels so it really only matters when you take a lesson at a specific resort, but in general levels 1-3 ski on green trails, 4-6 ski on blue and 7-9 on black. Just remember that a black trail at Tremblant is going to be easier than a black trail at Vail and that snow conditions can make a hard trail easy or an easy trail hard - trail color ratings are relative to other trails at the mountain not to trails at other resorts. If you're just curious about your "number" and the tables don't help you, just ask someone at ski school next time you're out. Whatever your number is, look at the higher numbers to see what your skiing will be like after you take your skiing "to the next level"!
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You all are great!!!

Bom dia therusty!!!

You are absolutely right, my secont time (2004)at the slopes was at Bariloche- Cerro Catedral, that year, we had have not so much snow and the temps quick melt the surface on an icy and hard surface... Learn in these conditions, also with old and poor tunning skies : was very hard. The greens seens as black (at least to me). Back in 2005 and the opposite conditions, lots of snow and how easy was to play at the same traisl then one year before(I know! with a plus of knowledge) Last year at Tremblant the consditions was very good and the terrain is far far better groomed and the skies and boots. I cannot compare.

Yep, After a look at the table - thanks BillA!

I think I'm a 6, maybe 7 (Ok, ok! with good snow)

Thanks a lot you all !!

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It would be nice to have an official EPIC ski level chart (even though I would never fit into just one level; I don't need no schtinking pole plants ).
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