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Visualizing Lynn

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Squaw lost an awesome skier and a bro this summer.

I am lucky to have an image of Lynn dropping into a chute in North bowl. His image is solid in my mind. He was skiing along the top of the bowl from the center toward skiers right, along the very edge of the bowl, skiing fast, no turns, following terrain. From Siberia chair his image was a silhouette against the sky. He came to the point above Crop's and hung a huge arcing left turn and dropped into the chute, all in one motion. It was a cool line and a powerful arcing turn on a big-ass pair of Stockli's. Heck, yeah!

As I wait impatiently for the first storm and the season to begin, I know he should be looking to the sky for that first storm to come and bring us some really tough early season runs in 75 Chute. A lot of us will miss him.
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You'll ski with his shadow flickering along side of you.
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Ullr, bring snow for the memory of Lynn.
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That's a beautiful description of a great image... I can see him...
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that is a beautiful tribute davluri ...my wishes are quite sincere.
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