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What freestyle ski to get?

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I am in a predicament as to what ski to get. I am a 6 foot tall, 110 pound guy and I am a relatively advance skier and want a park ski that can also go on the trails with out a problem. Can I please have some assistance as to what ski and what size would be good for me.I have been skiing for a while, but I am just starting to explore the park. The reason i weigh so little is because I have a disease that makes it hard to gain wait, so please don't turn the discussion to my lack of weight.
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Well, right off the bat, K2 Public Enemy, and Volkl Bridge, But due to your low weight, I would try for something a little softer, such as a Volkl wall (i believe its softer don't quote me) K2 Fujative (a park ski) or, maybe some 1080's. Or you could get the PE or the bridge (named because it bridges the gap from park to the mountain) in a shorter length.

of all of these the wall is probably the most hardcore, its symetrical, meaning it has the same sidecut from the center to the tip, as from the center to the tail.

Ive ridden the fujas, and the PE, id recommend both, but the PE might suit you better mounted forward, maybe +3, or even 4-5 depending on how much you want to play in the park.

what do you think of these choices, give me an idea of what sounds best, and i can make more reqs along those lines.
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To me, the ski that seems like the best fit is the Line Anthem. It is a symetrical shape, park flex, is on the softer side and is reasonably priced.

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I recently just retired my Salomon 1080's and I loved them. They had a very low swing weight and they handled great on the rest of the mountain. Depending on what conditions you will be riding in, I would check out the Foil as well. One of my favorites is the Volkl Karma but they may be too stiff for your liking.
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Freestyle? Olin Mark III
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All of these skis seem pretty great, I will just start looking up reviews on these now. If anyone believes a ski that has not been listed already thst would work, please post it here.
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If you already have another pair of skis for cruising around the mountain I would recommend the K2 Fujative. They are a great park ski, pretty soft with TONS of pop. Since you are pretty light you should be fine skiing them all mtn as well.

if you are looking for one ski to do it all, I would go with the PE or the Dynastar TroubleMaker. Don't be scared to get a fairly short length in either of those since you aren't a heavyweight.
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I am actually having difficulty deciding on either the Line Anthem the K2 PE's. Please help me decide!!!!
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Originally Posted by skierfanatic View Post
I am actually having difficulty deciding on either the Line Anthem the K2 PE's. Please help me decide!!!!
It sounds like you've got your choice narrowed down, so this may just muddy the waters, but it might give you one more option. You didn't mention what length you're looking for, but the ski shop that I am affiliated with, Teton Villge Sports, has a couple of pairs of leftover 176cm Head Sweet Fat Thangs. They've got a very good deal on them.

The Sweet Fat Thang is the women's version of Head's Mojo 90. It's a little softer-flexing than the men's version, which tends to be on the stiff side of the spectrum for park skis.

Anyway, this might be a good ski for someone in your weight category. It's a twin-tip park ski that many people like as an all-around ski.

Good luck with your search.
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I have found that the K2 Public enemy are more pricey than the Line Anthems. Is there a reason for this, or is it just because of the graphics are some other factor that does not matter. I just discovered the salomon foils, but they are not in my budget this year.
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What is your budget?

The PE's are more of an all mountain ski that is good in the park. The anthem is more of a park ski, that is good for all mtn.

I dont want to confuse you more but a good ski that you can still find great deals on is the Salomon 1080 Lab CR. Unlike most other salomons this one has a wood core, and kills it all over the mountain and in the park as well.
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Thanks actually...now i have yet another ski to take into consideration. :
After reading more on all the skis, i am into the Salomon 1080 Lab CR and the K2 PE's. My dad is willing to pay up to $300, my grandmother is contributing between $100-$150. and I have about $250-$325 but I am hoping to use that money for lift tickets and I need a new helmet. So I guess my budget probably is about $450, I am willing to contribute some of my money if I see a great deal. Pssssst I am actually picking these out as a Christmas present.
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BackcountryOutlet.com has one pair of the CR Labs left and its a 168cm. Which I would say is the size you would be most happy with. At $240 I would jump all over that.

Al's Ski Barn has the PE's in 169 for $299, which is still a great price for those skis.

The CR's have a 77mm waist as opposed to the more chunky 85mm waist of the PE. If you ski mainly in the midwest or East I would go for the CR, it will be more nimble and quicker edge to edge. The PE is great if you want a ski that can still handle powder, If you remember back to when the Pocket Rockets first came out they were 85mm waist and everyone was amazed at how fat they were.

Either way they are both great choices, and when it comes down to it I don't think you could go wrong with either one.
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I'm riding anthems now, if you get them you wont regret it. Also ride PE's, hte 04 ones, the anthems are definatly softer, and the symmetrical sidecut takes a few runs to get used to, but they are still fun. And oh yeah

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I am having trouble finding reviews on the salomon 1080 Lab CR, can someone post some links?
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