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Mt Baker Opening Day

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Today Baker finally opened, and it was good - maybe even great. Nothing like opening day last year, (which of course was another famous record for Baker) however, there was about 34 inches at the base, over 50 at the top, clear blue skies all day and c-o-l-d - when I left the mtn at 3:30 it was 23 degrees. Best of all, wonderful, wonderful skiing. Nice to get back in the saddle again!
I went from Salomon 175 pocket rockets to 183 gotama's this year, and wondered, even worried that the got's would be too much ski for me ... pleased to say I loved them.
One last note, I have worked my ass off to get in shape for this very first day. I figured over 168 trips to the gym beginning Sept 1 until today, just to prepare for today, keep in mind I'm 51. The only time my thighs barked was the very last run. Always appreciate those things hardest to accomplish - that's for sure. Life is good and a cold dark beer to wash it all down tastes pretty good right now. Hope you all had a great day too.
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Sounds like a great opener-one of my high school buds lives in Maple Falls,I hope to hit up Mt Baker this year-it has been a long time.
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The weather channel showed a little video clip from mount baker. It looked great! I wish I could have been there. Snowbird opens tomorrow, I'll be there. And there's a winter storm watch with up to 18" expected by saturday morning. I think I'll be there on Saturday too ( lol ).
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Naahhh. All we get is wet heavy snow. Don't come up up on Sunday, either. You don't want to ski another day of knee deep cascade crud.
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