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Best junior Sl race skis?

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Does anybody have an opinion on the best junior SL race skis? or boots?
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Just to follow up: He's starting his second year (11yr. old) in local race program. We are looking at the Volkl RaceTiger SL Race JR and
the Atomic SL 12 JR. And then there's the boots.
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What's his racing personality? Has he had any success? Ht? Wt?

I'm a fan of the volkl - the atomic is very good - probably the most 'technical' jr ski out there - usuually better than the athletes who ski it - not the best for learning. Very good for winning for those few capable. The volkl does it all. And you can win on it too. Keep it sharp.
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He's 4'6", 175 lbs, nose to toes 130cm, skied 2 seasons. His style is focused but not reckless. Last year was his first in the race program. Not really a competitive racer yet but solid and motivated, so want to get him the gear that will make the most of regular technical instruction this year, help him improve.
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First off, don't "over-ski" him. Too many parents get skis that are too stiff for their kids, because they're the best, even though the kid can't turn them.

Secondly, is that 175 a typo? That's a lot of weight for an 11yo.
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Really. Its gotta be a typo, otherwise I can't see him as a racer...

Anyway, what about the Fischer jr skis? the RC4's are a really great race ski.
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The fischer is an excellent choice. In fact, the volkl and the fischer would be my top recommendations.

I'm pretty sure that I've got a Fischer SL jr with freeflex 12 binders in a 133cm that need a home. I can go dig them out if you'd be interested.
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ooops, make that 75 lbs. (I'm 175) would you say the Atomics might be on the too stiff side. as I say, he's not one of those young demon racers you see sometimes. at least, not yet.
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Harry, my J-V may be able to use that pair of Fischer SLs if you still have them. He's pretty hooked on Fischers at this point. Thanks in advance!

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Volkls would be good. Soft ski, my little sister is racing on them this year, so far she loves em (she is 9 years old, 65lbs, and is running 136's).
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