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Grand Junction/Aspen

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Hello all. I recently moved to Grand Junction and bought a season pass to Aspen. I finally made to Colorado! I'm looking for anyone in the Junction area that might want to carpool to aspen on weekends. If our skiing abilities are similar, great than maybe we could make some turns together. If not, no big deal either. I wasn't sure if this was the appropriate fourm to post this in or if there are any other websites that might help with finding something like this.

Happy skiing, think snow!
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My family will be skiing Aspen/Snowmass/Highlands Dec 24 - Dec 31 2007. There are 4 of us - too many to carpool, but we could make a few turns together.
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AzTrees! You joined in 2004 and this is your first post?!!!

Consider joining us at the Aspen/Snowmass ESA. You will meet instructors and members you can ski with forever, and get a significant discount for having a pass. Anyway, hope you meet up with more Bears, and glad you finally decided to join us.
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another from GJ area

I am in GJ area and would be interested in sharing weekend ride to Aspen. Check your PM folder--
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stroller and niege111 check your PM's.

Cirquerider - I swear I've posted a few times before (maybe a different user name, I don't know), but I do mostly lurk on here. Thanks for the ESA offer it sounds great, but I'm not sure its in the budget this year.
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