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One of our ski resorts has been evacuated(Mt Hotham)

Thredbo Village has ahd its blues festival cancelled & all non-permanent residents are being asked to leave.

Falls Creek has road in closed Spion Kopje(sp) is burning - spot fire(supposedly) on International - but it has NOT gone out

etc etc etc...
Hope we DON'T get the stronger winds that are forecast thenext day or so...

links here to discussions & photos

Falls Creek


mt hotham

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That sucks... hope its not a coming attraction of our summer up here, good luck.
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sucks is right

have a look at the satellite shots

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You guys must have really angered the gods. Are the fires bigger than last year's?

Maybe the smoke will give us snow.
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biggest in 50 years we are told...
these areas have not burnt since the 30's when the whole state went up....
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ummmm well...

300 houses burnt in canberra

Hotham under threat tonight

& even if they make it tonight

in a 10km area there are about a dozen fires that will likely join when the wind changes tomorrow...

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Toll is now 400 houses & 3 people in Canberra

New Zealand has sent expert mountain terrain firefighters - they have arrived....
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satellite link here

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mske that 4dead...
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cough cough cough...

smoke thick enough here that the house over the road appears misty & I cannot see down the road to town...

Yet I would swear there are no fires closer than 50-60km
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The satellite makes your realise just how big those fires are. Scarey! Good luck, just hope those kiwis who have come over to help can help make a difference.
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Nah Jules.....I think the sheep are now OK.....(sorry can't help myself)....

Yeah pretty grim....

Pretty grim....

But this is a fact of life in Australia....

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I'm told Central Coast is ringed by fires now - does Oz know that you Bears at Vail?
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Please be safe and wise.

Prayers to all.
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thanks Keetov
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Ummmm - Fires have cut 2 out of 3 roads out of town...

Main 1 still on the clear side of town

180degrees of horizon has BIG fires..

I have fueled & packed car ready to leave...
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Thankyou very much cal
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Wow, Scary,

Take care of yourself disski,

Things and stuff you can replace but life can not.

You and the people there are in our prayers.
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So far all known relatives and friends are safe.

Seems like the Oz resorts will have Glade skiing this year instead of Tree skiing. When the authorities start cutting containment lines in a sacred National Park like Kosciusko things are grim.

This is one mother of a burn on top of one mother of a drought.

Stay safe all back home.

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about 1/2 of knp burnt according to news Oz...
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The fires are "hanging fire" as it were, but high winds and horrific temperatures forecast for this weekend to stir it all back up again. Apparently over 500 houses here in Canberra went up. My fuel-driven fire pump is ready to hook up to the house tank if they make it across to me.
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good to hear from you ant - was getting worried...

off to Melb for 4 days of fresh(er) air - ie no ash
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500 homes Horrid. Be safe Ant and Disski
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Were these fires caused naturally or were they intentionally set?
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The fires started on Jan 9th when a line of dry thunderstorms stopped at the ranges that run up the eastern side of Australia, lightening started them in wilderness areas where there's little ot no access. We have a huge drought, everything's dry, and we don't have the resources to fight fires in wilderness areas.

there's a big collection of pictures and info on the Canberra fires at

The weekend is still looking pretty grim.
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If ya know anyone that needs temporary accomodation drop me a PM. My place at the beach is vacant.

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Thanks Oz, I put my extra rooms (3 spare bedrooms) up too, but it seems they've been fighting offers off with sticks! Whenever they need/want anything, the problem is too much response...
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I haven't heard of any damage to Bogong Village...... there has been very little property damage so far thankfully....... I believe Omeo lost a couple of houses.
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