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GS ski for 2nd year J3 racer

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I have a daughter who's a 2nd year J3 racer, 5'4", 125#, skies in NH.

Her coaches have recommended a few avenues, but I'd like to get an opinion from experts on the forum on a good GS ski (consistent with the envelope her coaches have set). Our objective is to give her the best ski that would enable her to have a strong, break-out J3 season.

They would like to see her on a 170-175cm ski, with a radius of 18-19m, reasonable stiffness. Atomic appears to be the manufacturer that has a few skis which could fit that bill.
  • The Atomic GS12.2 jr, at 171cm, 19.5m radius. One of the race reps in our area believes that this is the same ski as the woman's worldcup LT-12, with a different base structure, but I've heard that there is the "LT-12 race" and the "LT-12 consumer", which are two different skis. Does anyone have the straight scoop on this?
  • The Atomic GS12pb CHA at 175cm, 18.5m radius. We've seen a few of last year's models at pretty decent prices. Since it's an adult ski, we'd expect it to be a bit more stiffer. It's also non-FIS legal, so would be a one year ski
  • The Atomic GS12pb CHA at 170cm, 18m radius. Not seeing many of these available, but could be an option
She's skiing on both her mountain ski team and her high school team (which is fairly non-competitive), so she'll be getting at least 3 and usually 4 days of snow training a week.

Any suggestions and/or other opinions? Anyone know where you can get the best deal on these?

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How about the 171 Nordica GSj? Tip to tail "off the floor" distance is actually 167. Excellent construction, vertical sidewalls dual titanium (top and bottom). Plated for Marker.

Too short?
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Don't know much about the GS12 PB's or jr's, but I do know that the GS12.2 jr is not the same ski as the race stock LT-12. The race LT-12's are FIS legal. They start at 176cm and 23m (at least that's the radius printed on the ski). You are correct in your comment that Atomic has both a consumer LT-12 and a race LT-12. Other than the graphics, they are not the same ski.

My daughter (currently a first year J1) has been on the Atomic LT/ST line for the past 3 seasons and has made good progress. She is also a NH racer, but is 5'9 and 140, so she has some power and leverage going for her that make these relatively stiff skis work for her.
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