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Burton Custom Bindings

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Could you let me know what you think about the Burton Custom bindings with the toe strap. I dont know anyone who has ridden bindings with toe straps before. I actually impulsivly bought them and want to hear what you think about them before I use them and cant return them. Attached is a link to the bindings.


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The toe strap you refer to is called a cap strap. People who ride them generally like them, they really don't make that much of a performance difference. It ultimately anpther thing burton came up with and will stick to just because, like 3 hole inserts and locking highbacks. Ultimately its kind of sad that they cling to these relatively useless features, yet abandoned their entire alpine line.
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Personally I like over the toe straps. I find them to be more comfortable and plenty responsive. Burton was not the only company to come up with it. I believe it was Tech 9 who first started doing it. Burton had to come up with an agreement over this.

Anyway, the tech is fine. I am not that big of a fan of Burton's toe strap. Union makes one that I found very secure and easy to use.
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You are correct. T9 did actually start it. Are they still doing it?
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I believe T9 is still making the toe straps if they are still in business. There have been a lot of rumors about that companies solvency these days...
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toe caps

I just switched from burton customs, w/no cap strap to tech-nines with the toe cap strap. It may be just me but I thought that they were allot more responsive, but then again it could have been the new Magnetraction board I was riding.

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