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info about intuition

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I have heard a lot of people talking about intuition liners on this site. I have a pair of X-wave boots and would like to add the intuition liner. Which one will work best for the boot? I have a high instep. Will that cause a problem with the intuition liner in my boot?
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Intuition is a great product but shouldn't be considered before a true alpine liner, standard, cork or injection. IMO
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The model that you choose would depend somewhat on how closely you are fitted into your shell. Generally performance skiers are probably best suited by the "Alpine Power Wrap" If you are very closely fitted you might consider their new "plug" version, which is thinner. I ski a Nordie Hot Rod (downsized) and will probably do a plug liner for mine.

Your boot is much higher volume than mine and you wouldn't need the "plug" liner unless you were waaaay downsized.

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