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Boot Stench?

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Just bought a new pair of Salomon Impact 10 boots and I would like to try to keep them from smelling like a barrel full of sweaty monkeys. Any tips or product suggestions to limit that musty smell that usually gets into boot liners?
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air dry them out every night.
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from Tyrone Shoelaces

Keep one of those Bounty dryer sheets stuck in each boot. (not while you're skiing of course ).

Seriously, after a day of skiing, stick one sheet into each boot and just let them hang out in there until you ski again. When putting your boots on in the morning, just take the sheets out, leave 'em in your car, then stick 'em back in at the end of the day.

Helps to absorb a little moisture but more importantly keeps 'em smelling fresh.

Also spraying with Fabreeze works ok too...

The above methods are just for treating a the symptoms though of a bigger issue. The stench is caused by bacteria/microbes that have taken up residence in your boot.....so just simply not using the same ski socks two ski days in a row and other common sense stuff like that can help keep the problem at bay as well
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dry them out every night, take the liners out every so often to remove the moisture between the shell and liner
you can also try putting a plastic cup filled with bicarbonate of soda into each of them, this absorbs any odour
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Also, make sure when you take the liner out to dry, take out the footbed as well. Moisture can get trapped between the footbed and liner.
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