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skiing camps?

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Hey guys. So I've decided that I want to go to a skiing summer camp this year to learn how to ski in the park. I'll be 17 by the time I go, and I have never really done rails and stuff. I would probably be considered in the beginner category for the park, even though I would be advance on the mountain. The two I've been looking at are Wendell's at Mount Hood, and Camp of Champions at Whistler.

I'm kinda leaning toward Whistler, but i'm wondering what you guys thought.

I'm open to other recommendations too if you guys know anywhere else.
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I've sent an old guy to Wendells for a snowboard camp. Despite the fact that he was surrounded by kids he had a good enough experience that he's already done a return visit. If being surrounded by kids was his biggest complaint, it sounds like you couldn't go wrong.
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as far as i know the 2 places that host summer camps are Whistler (Canada) and Mt. Hood (Oregon).

i'm sure they have camps down in New Zealand and So. America that would occur during our summer/their winter, but that's probably a lot more expensive.

i believe a recent issue of Freeskier rated/wrote up all the camps, too, if you can dig that up.
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