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Salt Lake 2002 Simulation

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Anybody else have this or try it? Its EIDOS's Salt Lake 2002. I just got it today. It has Men's DH, Womens SL, Womens Freestyle Aerials, Mens Snowboard GS, Mens Bobsled & Mens K120 ski jump.

The graphics are really amazing, and the venues seem very accurate to the photos of I've seen of the courses and buildings and etc.

They used motion capture of actual World Cup athletes to base the animation on. The DH is all I've messed with much yet, and it definately is pretty amazing. The one issue I'm seeing so far has to do with control of the skiers though - not accurate enough. Can anybody here figure out a way to interface my skiers edge with it?

More on this as I play with it.
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Bought it for a friend. He hasn't left the house since!

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All you need now is a bunch of politically inspired 'judges'.


Judges!!!!!!? (At least Dick Turpin wore a mask.)
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Heh - yep, I'll bet the computer is far more objective than humans in judging! Perhaps thats what we need, pattern recognition is getting extremely good in computers. Seems like a computer wouldn't need to be as powerful as IBM's ASCI White http://www.llnl.gov/asci/news/white_news.html to be able to turn in tight objective results!
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