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Gotama vs Mantra; 183 vs 191

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I am looking to purchase a new pair of powder boards and am having a debate. I've narrowed it to Volkl Goat's or Mantras based on my experience with Volkl and demos of both (@183).

Since I am buying these for powder and I have an all mtn ski (Metrons, 184) can anyone compare the performance of both models at 191 vs 183?

I am 6'5", 205lbs, expert skier and thought that bigger = better. In my demos, I liked the all mtn feel of the Mantra's better (blackcomb) but didn't think they were that great in the deep 8+ inches; my experience with the Goat's was that they didn't have the same all mtn farfegnughen but I didn't really get to open them up (brighton) and the pow performance was good but one day wasn't enough to find the sweet spot. I demo'd one day of powder on each board.

Any opinions?
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I own both and greatly favor the Gotama for deeper snow. The Mantra IS better on packed snow, but you already have a ripper for that. Buy the Goat in a 190.

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with your metron, go gotama.

keep in mind that the first generation of gotamas did not sell out. I got mine for free for a warrantied/delamned G4 the following spring of '04. And, I wasn't happy about it. In fact, I was furious they couldn't get me my old ski. (they lost it, btw)

Anyway, once I relearned how to ski, I have been loving them. And now, gotamas are some of the most sought-after rides available and Volkl can not keep them in stock. I wouldn't suspect that a one-day demo would not give enough information to choose that ski coming off of a metron that arcs it's turns.

those skis have two completely different styles... and that may be why you liked the Mantra better, it's more carvy with its narrower tail.

(virtually the same radius as the gotama, btw)

perhaps for some skiers coming off of carvers, or those individuals that have strong carving styles, the gotama is a bit of an acquired taste. (it was for this carver.)
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My $.02,

Well, I was getting 2 out of the 3,

a 184 or 191 Mantra OR a 183 or 190 Gotama


a 190 Katana.

I went with a 184 Mantra for my everyday groomer/carving/crud ski and the 190 Katana for pow.

I liked the feeling I get at the end of the turn, loading up the tail of the ski, and having the snap out of the turn. The 184 Mantra just did that a little better than the other three skis.

Also, I like "clinking" sound of metal in a ski when I touch them together riding up the lift.

Pow days, well, out comes the Katana. It will slice and dice anything in it's path.

For your size and weight (I'm 5'8", 184 lbs. and skiing the 184 Mantra), I'd look to the longer lengths in each. It really comes down to how much piste (Mantra) vs. off-piste (Gotama) you will be doing.

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You demoed the Mantra in a 184, Right? Not the 191.

For powder, the 191 Mantra skis very differently than the 184. I have owned both and I’m 225#. The 184 was super fun, but did not float me in powder. More of an old school sink in.

On the other hand, the 191 Mantra which I had out in 8-10” of powder a couple times last year does float me very well. For me, the 191 Mantra makes an excellent ski for the day after “The Powder Day” when additional terrain may open or you are tracking down the last uncut stashes. On a day like that you will be mostly skiing cut up/tracked out snow. So the all mtn nature of the Mantra is nice, but it will still float you when you find that untracked line.

The 191 Mantra is the ski I travel with leaving my powder skis (Sanouks) at home. (It could be that I’m getting too lazy to bring 2 pairs of skis.)

That said:

SierraJim's recommendation of the 190 Gotama is what I would go with. But if you cannot get a pair of 190 Gotama or 190 Katana, the 191 Mantra would not be a bad choice.
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