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Nordica Doberman vs. Atomic Race Tech vs Head Raptor

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I am in the market for new boots and here is what I was recommend by Billy Kaplan.

-Nordica Doberman Pro 130
-Head Raptor 120 RS
-Atomic RT CS 130
-Atomic RT TI 150

I was wondering if any of you had experience with any of these and what your opinions are on them. Thanks!
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[Moderator Note:] Billy Kaplan is EpicSki Boot Specialist "Cantman" of Performance Pedorthics. [/Moderator off]
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I was just down at his office today. Those are what he recommended to me. I was just seeing if anyone on here had any personal experience with the boots and how they like/dislike them. Thanks though!
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I am open to other recommendations as well. I am looking for something with a 98mm last.
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I'm a bit confused as to how you get the top three, then the RT Ti 150.
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To be honest the choice is about which one give's the BF the least work. None of them will work out of a box, at least not by chance. The 150 is a funny one. Smells of "Nutty Client" to me. HaHa
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I am going to rule out the 150. Looking back I don't why I even wrote the 150 down.
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I will be heading to Sugarbush in December. Does anyone know of any reputable shops in the area? I would love to try them on in a shop instead of buying a few online and returning the ones that don't fit/
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First, telling us (at least me) you intend to buy online and then return ones that don't fit is almost a guarantee of lack of interest. If you want expert advice you have to do your part and support professional ski shops. I can say that here there is more and more backlash against the very low internet prices which expert stores cannot possibly compete with. There done!

I sell only the Raptor 120 from your list and I ski it as well. The redesign from the 110 and 100 of previous years is quite good. Narrower boot that actually feels more roomy in the toes and has better ankle placement and lower ramp angle.

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The only reason I would be buying online is because of my location in which he ski shops in my area are few and the race related products they carry is few as well.

I went to Billy Kaplan who is on this forum and he told me that is what some of his clients have to do since they are not able to go to VT where they carry the race gear and have a variety of items to try. I worked at a ski shop for 3 years and I know how the internet is hurting business. I still try to support the shops as much as I can.

If I was looking for a pair of rec. boots or ski's there is no doubt I would be going to a ski shop.

One other note to add is that I am a college student and my budget is not as high as others, so given the situational factors using the internet seemed to be my best option when looking for race boots.

I am sorry for the sermon but I just felt I should explain myself a little bit more. I appreciate your input and Billy highly recommend the Head Raptor to me.
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I have skied the HR 130 (Dobie Pro 130) for the last 3 years. My experience has been good.

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