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Knee pain-need advice

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Hi. In April, I was running slalom and tweaked my knee. We had a rutted course that was boilerplate (had rained the night before and then froze). I didn't really have much pain at the time-I skied for a few more runs before going home. The pain was there for a few days and my knee was stiff at times, but not unbearable. It has SLOWLY been getting better-after that, I could ski a few runs before it started to get sore on me.

Anyways, it is now October, and the pain is still there. I am planning on seeing a specialist before skiing, but could use some advice beforehand.

The pain is at the very top of my patella (the upper edge where the soft tissue is). I have been riding my bike all summer-at first it seemed to aggrivate the injury, but now I have no pain (I just did the full loop around Tahoe on my road bike at an average speed of 21 mph (decent for me) with no knee pain, even on the climbs). Still, I can feel the injury sometimes-it gets sore after doing one-legged squats, for example. I also can feel friction and clicking in my knee.

Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong? Will my knee continue to heal, or am I looking at some surgery to clean things up? How can I avoid the same injury this year on hard snow? It must have put too much stress on my knees....

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I am no doctor but you can actually shift or damage your patella.

I had ACL replacement last May and they cut my patella and even I do not have pain there.

My Clinical Massage guy used to play all kinds of sports and was an AT for college sports teams.

He actually disclocated his patella but he said it was extremely painful.

I would guess that since it is not really painful it is not a major injury but you should get an MRI to see what is going on in there.
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I've been going through similar problems with my knee. I tweaked it running a year ago, and it hasn't been the same. Similar problems - pain on and off, some clicking, etc.

Definately see a doctor about it. Only way to know for sure what's going on. I have no medical training, so I'm only offering what I've been told.

For me, its been diagnosed as petellafemor pain (aka runner's knee). And your symptons sound similar. The preferred treatment is physical thearapy to strengthen the muscles around the knee, and keep them in balance to prevent the knee cap from being pulled to one side. If you do some searches on the web, you can find some info on it, and exercises. These helped me a lot at first, then less when I started running again.

If the therapy doesn't help over the long term, the doc suggested I consider arthroscopic surgery to clean everything up, and even adjust the tension on the knee cap to keep it in place. Surgery is a last resort for me.

I don't think hardened or torn cartiledge etc will heal by themselves. Long term you need to keep the knee cap in place to prevent further damage. Then it comes down to how bad the pain and damage is weather it needs to be cleaned up.

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Wash the tylenols down with beer.
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Go see a Dr. and get an MRI done to find out exactly what happened. It could be a simple tear that with cortisone and some rehab clears up or it could be something requiring surgery to fix. Either way, there's no real way to know for sure w/o an MRI. Hope for the best.
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MRI and x-rays

Good old fashioned x-rays see stuff the MRI won't.

Get two opinions.
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It would be interesting to know your age. From what I have been told, the healing process and chance of healing has some relation to your age. I tore ligaments in both knees during my teen years and doctors of the time told me they would heal themselves because of my age. They both healed, but gave me considerable pain through most of my more active years(up until 45 or so).

With that said I would like to pass on this info:

My knees hurt, and clicked, and popped, and did all sorts of things as I aged. I had the patela on one of them roll completely to the side of the knee one day, and it was a real experience to grab hold of that kneecap and roll it 90 degrees back into place. It really didn't hurt as much as it might sound, but the knee hurt for about six months when I would stress it. I was convinced that I would be something of a cripple from the knee problem at some time in the future.

At age 43 I had a friend tell me about an herbal technique called liver cleansing he said could heal just about anything. What really got my interest was the fact that he had reclaimed huge amounts of energy, and he was 58 years old. ...I tried the technique, and within six months the knee problems were but a memory. Many other things happened that seemed improbable, but the one thing that shone through was the link between a healthy, full functioning liver and physical performance/joint health.

I am 51 now, and don't have knee problems. Others I grew up with are suffering all sorts of degenerative situations with their damaged joints, but I credit a strange technique I ran across with the difference. I ski with supports on my knees and don't push it very hard, but I would have never thought I would be able to keep much of a pace at this time in my life(It's muscles that hurt the most now). I reccomend anyone with problems explore alternatives and see what they think for themselves. Established medical disciplines are very effective in the right situations, but very narrow in their acceptance of alternatives that actually work at solving problems at the source.
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My left knee clicks whenever i do a sit up. Does this mean there is something wrong with it.

(for the originator of this post - This may not be a definite solution - but I would start taking some form of Glucosamine - available over the counter - it may help you over the long run - certainly would not hurt to try. It supposedly strengthens your knee).

And remember - as a famous skier(don't remember who it was) once said - "There are a finite number of turns in your knee. Use them wisely"
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About me-I am 26 (too early for knee problems!). I have 3 degrees of outward rotation on my left leg (problem area) and very poor foot support, so that is where I am experiencing problems. I started to get knee pain 2 years ago while riding my bike-it was the first time in my life. Oddly enough-I ran in high school and college (7 years total) up to 90 miles per week with virtually no knee problems (certainly nothing more than an overuse injury, nothing chronic). You would think that bad knees would show signs of wear (expecially since I hadn't yet discovered orthotics) but no, it didn't happen until I started to ride my bike. Skiing was pain-free until this little injury. I am going to see an orthopod in 2 days.
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