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better early season in VT?

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Spent Thanksgiving Fri-Sun making early turns at Killington (at $60/pop) and wanted to go up again before our season in NJ/PA begins. My question is with an almost 40'' base and 6'' of freshies, should I make the extra 3 hours drive north to Jay (and save about $10-$15 on the lift ticket) or if anyone has been skiing it, is it not going to be much better than skiing Killington?

(thinking of leaving tonight, so the sooner the better!)

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I wen to Jay on Saturday. There was pretty much no base. We got snow up here today, but unless you expect a lot of snow between now and the weekend and expect to be able to ski natural snow only, I wouldn't bother going to Jay.
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Who has 40" of base ?

I have 4 days so far this season at Okemo. Yea Kmart may have 40" in one spot.

I hope you don't think they really have that on the whole hill.
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skinet reported a 36'' base at Jay (36''-36'' to be exact) -- but that's why I was asking!
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to answer your question- jay doesn't have 36" base everywhere. more like 12-24". some low-angle woods are skiable at jay (they've got about 10" or so since the above skied the other day.

i just got heard a first-hand report from smuggs (a bit south, but about the same amount of snow on ground) and it was said that there's more snow than you'd expect. 4-6" of fluff fell last night, and the impenetrable rain crust from last week is keeping rocks at bay underneath. smuggs had more open on the hill than they're reporting on the website (FYI- smuggs and mad river glen's websites are a better indicator of actual conditions- they're much more modest/honest in reporting places like jay peak "fluff" their snow reports up, as do other places like killington)

if this storm rolls in tomorrow through monday, and does what is predicted- they're calling for 8-14" over a wide area of northern VT. expect possibly a moderately higher amount in localized areas (aka stowe/smuggs and jay). this could potentially blow things up, and ropes will be dropping all over the place. without a doubt, i would plan on skiing tuesday if it were at all possible for me.
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