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Boot help!

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I am 5'9" 150 lbs, 19 year old college student, expert skier. I am looking for new boots, I have a very narrow, flat foot. Last year I had Tecnica Diablo Magnesiums, I liked their flex and performance, but my feet were in excruciating pain within an hour of skiing. This has been the same experience I have had with every other boots I have owned. I have been doing research trying to find a boot that will fit my foot. Any suggestions for a performance oriented boot for narrow feet? I have been looking at Head S11, and Rossignol bandit B1 (black and white model, I think they're a year or two old). Thanks!
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Best posted in the "Ask the Boot guys" section. Indicate what size, width, arch type, etc. if possible. I'm no expert, but it sounds like you would be better suited with a Lange or Dalbello boot. You will get some superior advice from the boot experts, especially if you can provide more info about your foot. You definitely need a boot suited for low volume feet - were you buckling the Tecnicas up really tightly?
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I am no boot expert, but have had my fair share of issues. Where are you experiencing the pain?
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I just posted the same post in ask the boot guys, my size is 26.5, i have a very low arch, my feet are narrow. I was mostly experiencing pain in the arch. I wasn't buckling them overly tight, I tried loosening them a bit but my foot slid around too much, I have tried on a few dalbellos and I felt like the arch support was in the wrong place, I haven't gotten to try on a lange but I probably should.
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I too have flat feet and was experiencing similar issues with some of the boots I bought. The end result was that I was using boots that were too large, over tightening them, and that I needed a custom footbed and some grinding work to the new smaller boots to alleviate some hot spots.

With flat feet, custom footbeds are an almost must. That being said, if you still need new boots, I would go for Lang's, if in fact your feet are narrow. Your best bet would be to go to a good boot specialist and have them look at your feet and help you not waste time and money.
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sounds like the wrong footbeds.

have you skied with no footbeds, or a more supportive footbed to see if that is better or worse?
better/worse skiing, standing or feet dangling from a chairlift?

2nd what has been said with boots too big.
your forefoot should not have side to side slop, even with the buckles undone ....
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