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Originally Posted by faber View Post
I didn't graduate from MSU-Bozeman. Never was a student there. My sheepskins are, by Montana standards, imported.

But I do remember your ties to the area. I bet college here is memorable.

wait a minute... How do you remember my ties to the area? do we know each other?

faber, do I know you?

(I kinda hope so.)
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good thing I'm not "outer-directed" or anything

Originally Posted by volantaddict View Post that have a problem..... your poor hurt feelings ..... contempt for others seems
The bit about hurt feelings doesn't really apply, but some of the other pieces have my alter-ego sending 'me' some weird messages.:

Since you've raised the spectra of posts as a group in general, my take on the forum is that, at times, it is focused primarily on gear and technique, consumerism and method. That sh** is just the surface.

Once and a while I throw something out there to see who you guys are a bit below the surface.

Just curious, not "disingenuous questioning", but thanks anyhow.:

When I'm skiing there is no place in my head for any negative crap, and that's what's cool. Talk, on the other hand, is just .... talk.
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Originally Posted by samurai View Post
wait a minute... How do you remember my ties to the area? do we know each other?

faber, do I know you?

(I kinda hope so.)
Well, we might. You never know. I hope so, too. PM me.

I just remember you bringing up your MSU background in some previous year's thread on the Bozone or something.

Today, campus was d-e-s-e-r-t-e-d. Moonlight opened
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Originally Posted by Yuki View Post
Accept Dr. Sigmund as a coke fired, psychotic nut case who commited suicide and you may place a little less stock in his "genius" and definitions.

Put three monkeys in a room and listen to them debating the nature of imaginary dragons ... while it may be quite entertaining ... how much bearing does it have on reality

But to play Devil's Advocate, many scholars maintain that Freud was able to define the psyche so well because he did live on the fringe of Viennese society, at times passing into full acceptance and then being marginalized again, living two lives, as it were. Don't forget that he was also Jewish and molested dead eels. Really. Not exactly part of mainstream society in the Austria of the day. He lived under a crescendo of anti-Semiticism, watching Nazis burn his books three years after he received the highest prize for published scholarship in Germany, and he experienced the Gestapo breaking into his home several times after the Anschluss, despite public overtures to him.

Freud's work is no longer considered canonical for pathological reasons, but it is for historical reasons. He was the first.

(Weird....I never thought I'd be an apologist for Freud--he's not my cup of tea, really.)

Just trying to give a more universal definition, not just a Freudian one.

I'm outta here--heading to Bridger for some moonlight skinning and then driving to Big Sky in the a.m.

Cheers, all!
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I will pay homage to Freud's "Theory of The Pirimal Horde" as the inspiration for the opening (but not credited), scene of "2001 A Space Oddesy".

Other than that ....
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Yeah... he molested dead eels!
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Originally Posted by davluri View Post
Misrepresenting their ability to the shop guy to make an impression is a good thing. Here's how it could work:

You sell them exactly :what they area asking for, say Legend Pro's, a strong ski for a strong skier. Then they discover they can't make a turn with the LP's,: and bring them back for something they can turn.

I pick up the barely used LP's from you on consignment for the depreciated value of $450, and give you a kick-back for your efforts.

Perfect! Everyone gets what they need, eventually.
I have question(s) and a suggestion. Was this thread intended to be about "soul" or effectively the "zen" of skiing, i.e. lack of ego, or was the intent more broad based, i.e. commenting on consumerism and effects of ego on purchases? Or, was it both? There are a lot of disparate ideas getting tossed around, and it might be good to explore some of the ideas separately.
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Nah! I think it started our as a general traditional ego thing. How your ego can hold you back since we all look into the mirror and measure ourselves by those around us .. and .. how that will stop many from progressing, getting on skis or getting past the first lessons.

IMHO, those of us who have endured (how well is of course relative and questionable), and stuffed the ego back, and hacked through the learning curve and lumps have some measure of success.

In my case, I was probably just a happy stupid little camper who was deaf to the laughter around me. See, being a bit dim witted had some advantages!

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It's a thread unraveled to span broader thoughts; it's OK that way

Originally Posted by Dino View Post
I have question(s) and a suggestion. Was this thread intended to be about "soul" or effectively the "zen" of skiing, i.e. lack of ego, or was the intent more broad based,.....

Yaaa', it's all over the place by now....but that's cool. People will always go further and broader than one's intended range of communication. And that's totally intense and cool. :

The zen of skiing is probably the coolest of topics, even given that we will all abuse the literal definitions in our limited knowledge.

My main interest these days is: what are the personal challenges beyond technique? Could be a thread, but I would probably get bombed for posting on that.
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