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Baker Thursday!

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And the NWS calls for another 11-14 on Wednesday with ongoing snow Thursday. Don't tell anyone!
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Originally Posted by philipshaw View Post
Don't tell anyone!
I won't, but you just did.
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I already knew.
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Me too Harry. I wsa surprised they had no new snow last night. Will there be enough to make a go of it, particularly the runs off chair 6 - sticky and pan? Do I need to bring "older" rock skis?
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Looks more like 2" new in the last storm, from up close. For a grand total of about 34".

Yes, bring rock skis!! Baker needs about 5' to get good.
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Well, there was certainly no need for rock skis on any main runs. The off-piste was thin, but it could hardly have been a nicer day.
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