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Slope patrol nabs one

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Have been a little too busy to do much skiing (or posting or even that much lurking), but finally managed to get out onto the slopes at Copper over the holidays. Yeah!!

Anyway, I know that most of the people here have a very low opinion of the slope patrol and would like to bash them, and that we have already had this discussion before, so please, let's not turn this thread into another discussion of are they good or evil, OK?

The Story:

First, as those Bear's that have skied with me can attest, I don't bomb down the moutain with reckless abandon. So, a few days ago, I'm heading down Main Vein, a designated Slow Skiing Zone, at Copper Mountain. Copper, since they don't have the terrain park open at that point in time, in their infinite wisdom, has placed a large jump near the top of Main Vein right at one of the first faces. As often happens above a face on a run, everyone stops to look down the hill before proceding, so there is a crowd of skiers and boarders spread out across the hill blocking the way down. As I am skiing down toward this logjam, I start working my way to the left toward an opening close to the entrance to this big jump that is on this same face. Ah-ha! There is indeed a gap there that I can use to continue on my way downhill. I turn to my right to shoot this gap when a boarder blows past me on my right flys up into the entrance of the jump, going so fast that the only way he can stop before hitting the other boarders sitting at the top of the jump is to fall down. He then procedes to let me know, in a string of unprintable four letter words how I need to watch where I am going. I, being the gentleman that I am, let him know that his head is located somewhere in the nether regions of his anatomy, and that it is his responsibility to watch out for skiers/boarders that he is passing and continue on my way down the run. About a minute later, as I am fuming about this jerk, he blows by me again, barrelling down the run, this time with his middle finger extended in my direction. But this time, he passes me just as I am approaching the Slope Patrol who dutifully wave at him to slooow dooown. Does he slow down? No, of course not. He is too good to be bothered with a designated slow zone. Then, in one of those wonderful moments, who should be standing next to the slope patrol, but a ski patrol who takes off after this boarder and pulls him over. Yeesss!! At once my sour mood is lifted.

So, yeah, the slope patrol can be annoying, but at least once in a while, they do get somebody who really deserves it!!

Oh and while I'm at it - For my fellow skiers/boarders: Standing on the back of my skis ain't going to make the lift line go any faster, so BACK OFF!!

Thanks for listening!
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Did you find the "Super Slow Zone" on High Point? What a great idea! I loved using it for working on my slow-speed maneuvers. And I also thought the slope patrol did a good job.

It's interesting to me that people insist on blowing down Slow Skiing zones, especially at an area like Copper with such a wide range of slopes open. It is also clear that many (most?) skiers and snowboarders do not understand that they are responsible for skiers below them. In fact, that's state law in Colorado.

However, I would not recommend insults and expletives. Even if you're right!
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Apparently some idiots think that rude,unsafe behavior is acceptable. What a long,rough road they have ahead of them in life. What's that saying about dumb animals? :
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Actually, of greater interest to me in this business is what genius in Copper's slope management decided that the best place to put a jump of that size and nature was at the top of the one of the most popular runs and slow skiing zones at Copper? Do other ski areas do this? Put a feature on a run that simply begs for high end skiers/boarders and other gen-X risk-takers to go barrelling through a bunch of beginning to intermediate skiers in a slow ski zone?

In Copper's defense, I can understand that the terrain park wasn't open; the only early season snow is the man-made stuff on Main Vein; it costs too much to keep moving the hill as condiditions improve; it provides entertainment for the people riding the American Eagle lift, etc. On the other hand, look where they put the TP. Off the American Flyer Quad, so you have to ski through the SUPER Slow Skiing zone to get to it.

Is it just me or does this just not make much sense?

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