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Snot Spot nose wiper?

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Anybody tried these? How well do they work?
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Just buy a package of black sweat bands. Put across the palm of your hand.
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That's grose! What's wrong with the good old fashioned sports blow...let the snot rockets fly!
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People on the chairlift don't seem to care too mush for the snot rockets. The people below you REALLY don't like them! I honestly don't think its that gross. A lot of gloves come with a spot specifically for wiping your nose. Unfortunately they are usually small, not too soft, and to clean the whole glove needs to be washed. I know some peoples noses don't run. But when its cold and I'm physical its like a faucet. I have a beard and would prefer to wipe the snot away rather than having it freeze on my face, yuck!
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fishEH - I was kidding about the sports blow. Ther was a tiny blurb about these in the current Ski magazine and also in last months popular mechanics (believe it or not). If i still have the issue in my office I will scan it and post here. I just buy cheap hankerchiefs at Walmart and keep in my inside chest pocket. I throw 'em way at the end of the day.
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