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Big Sky Mt. suggestions

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The Wife and I are headed there Jan wk 4/Feb wk 1,,looking for suggestions where to stay without taking out a second mortgage!
We'll have a rental car, but still would like to be within 5-10 miles from the base area. All ideas appreciated....
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Well, Big Sky is not like a typical ski resort. The base area itself is small not good for much more than your post-ski, pre-dinner drink. The "town" of Big Sky is stretched out from the Gallatin River (start of road up to Big Sky) up to Moonlight Basin (just past Big Sky). Shuttles go all up and down the access road and run fairly late. Really no need to drive once you're there. So even if you end up seven miles away, close to the Gally, you can still grab the shuttle, which is what you'll have to do even if your half a mile away.

But for the better deals, you many want to check the condo rental sites and look for places in the "Meadow" area, which is down lower around the golf course (used to be a meadow, I guess), but still great views and kind of its own little town.

The car is good to have, though, if you don't want to wait outside for the last shuttle. And, who knows, you may get an itch and want to go to Bozeman or down to West Yellowstone.

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I 2nd the meadow area for reasonable condos. Hidden Village is just up the road and can also be a bargain (we own there). Check the vacation rentals by owner website for some options.
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...or you could save the rental car money when going into Bozeman on the Skyline (free) http://skylinebus.com/
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