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Snoop Daddy + SX 10 or M11:B5

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Hi guys!

This season I'm in Dolomites, Italy. Weather here is dry, so I don't expect much powder snow. They say something like 8 sunny days out of 10...

So what would you choose? SX 10 for everyday riding and Snoops for some rare occasions or M11 to handle it both?

I know that M11 is quite good in powder, but on groomed, wouldn't be SX 10 better (lighter, not so fat)? Both have different radius, but which one is better for everyday on-piste riding?

I'm an intermediate skier, so probably anything above SX 10 would be too stiff/advanced for me.
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Snoops and you won't bother skiing the SX11's.
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cfr, your review is one of the reasons I wanna try Snoops

but I also want to try some complementary groomer-only ski, since I found another review stating that Snoop Daddy is not so good all-mountain ski (http://archive.skireviews.co.uk/en/a...r-reviews.html)

So, what is your recommendation for second, complementary, ski from Atomic? SX, LT, GS, SL... Wish I had also such sweet deal for twin-tips like Deviant, but I haven't.
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I read David's review at the link you've provided (http://archive.skireviews.co.uk/en/a...r-reviews.html) and it makes me puzzled - it completely contradicts to what I think and feel about the skis. I know several other people that tried or own Snoops and their feedback is similar to mine. I skied Snoops second half of the last season almost exclusively and they became my everyday skis for the reason.

Snoop, being relatively stiff under foot with softer tip and tails and as LIGHT-weight as it is, is EXCELLENT in bumps! Especially if you take into account its 88mm waist. As for chattering, as I said in my review, it starts to chatter only at race speeds... Anyway - try them and see if they match your personality. This is the key. All high end skis from all manufacturers are good, it is just a matter of "click" between your desire and skis character.

For complimentary skis - I need more information: skier type, ability, main purpose of the complimentary ski (I assume groomers/ice), turn types you prefer etc...

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Thanks cfr,

I will trust you and I'm gonna buy Daddys. I have no option to try them first. Ski market sucks in Italy, I have to order them from another country. Hopefuly, I'll be able to sell them if I won't like it.

More info: 175cm/70kg, not total newbie, skied Metrons 9, 10 and 11. What I didn't like about them: too heavy. I liked how easy they turn.

What I want from complementary ski: to be quite different from Daddys. Unfortunately, I cannot buy twin tips, so I'm looking for ski specialy designed for groomers. I can choose from SX, ST, LT, GS, SL, Metron, Izor. Is there any difference between SX, LT and GS? Are SX12 just for advanced professionals? About turn types - Daddys have long radius (I'll get them in 174cm), so I'd prefer medium, since shorter=slower?
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GS is the "race" giant alamom ski - fast, stiff, demanding. LT, I believe, is softer (read women oriented) version of GS. For lighter male skier "woman oriented" is a good thing : it is less demanding and easier to control. SX is a ski-cross ski, which may be lighter than GS and LT - I'm not familiar with SX's series though.

Shorter is not always slower - cut has more to do with the speed.

Anyway, out of presented line, I think your best bet will be LT in 170cm (or whatever closest size they have to 170 from lower side).

Keep in mind though, that this is complete guesstimation based on very limited info about you and your preferences.

Good luck and do not forget to provide feedback once you get your skis and try them.

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I can get LT 11 in 160 cm, but after I had read this review (http://forums.epicski.com/showthread.php?t=28046), I chose SX 10. I'll get them in 166 cm. Hope I can use them in park also

Now looking for boots, probably some Lange, Tecnica Magnesium or some skitour type, but that's different story...
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Good luck and think snow!


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