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Fernie, Feb vs. March

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Im heading to Fernie this season with some buddies and was wondering if the Bears would comment on which was the best month and why. We want good snow , but dont want to freeze our rear ends off. If push comes to shove, I would rather be cold than hot. We were in Panorama last feb. (late) and the snow was awful (bulletproof ice in the mourning and slush in the afternoon). Should we go earlier? Any suggestions would be a great help.
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Fernie is not a cold spot by Canadian standards. Go for February.
Pano is famous for ice. We can have any conditions anytime, but in the end get a lot more snow than they do.
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I agree with Newfy dog that you should go in February. If you could go end of January you might have slightly better odds of getting snow since the average temp is lowest then. March is a little risky at Fernie; it can be awesome snow or wet wet wet.
A day trip to Castle Mountain would definitely be recommended as well.
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Thanks Guys, Just looking for the best pow to have a great trip. Just booked for mid Feb.
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