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Change from old Lange Vec 5 to ????

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I'm looking for suggestions for new boots that are somewhat similar or improvements from my four year old Lange Vec 5 boots. My goal in asking is to make the most of my time at the ski shop later this week. I've read through the boot info on this site as well as bootfitters.com.

Background: 200 pound 49 yr old advanced skier. (happy on/off piste single blacks out west, not so happy in big bumps and double blacks). Would like to improve in the bumps, but current skis and knees really don't help in reaching that minor goal. I get out west maybe three times a year, with the rest of my time on local hills in Ohio, NY and Pa. My current skis are Volkl AC-3 after years on Dynastar Omecarve 9. Street size is 11-11.5. Average forefoot width, narrow heel, skinny calves.

I choose the Lange years ago because it was the boot that best held my heel and foot firmly and comfortably. Pretty simple.

Current problems, if you can really call them that are the following:
1) The buckles are almost as tight as they can go after 1-2 runs. I don't remember them always being that way, so maybe the lining has compressed over the years?
2) Comfort isn't bad; my feet are warm and I can sort of wiggle toes. Occasional slight soreness on shin at end of a long day, but nothing to complain about. To get the feel I like, I tighten them at the calf to where there is a noticable diameter differnce when I remove them at the end of the day. I'd like to loosen them at times, but then my heel moves more than I like and there is some minor fore-aft movement.
3) The Lange can be difficult at times to get into. (Haven't really figured out why some times they're easy, and other times a bear.) Easy entry would be nice, but not if it seriously impacts fit/performance.

What I want is a boot that holds my foot like my Lange boots do when fully tightened, but that can be loosened some without my foot or heel then moving around. Impossible?

My Volkls are stiffer than my old Dynastar's, which I like. Any thoughts on how that affects one's preference for stiff vs. softer flex?

Would like to hear your thoughts and suggestions from the bootfitters in the group. First trip to the local shop is this Friday afternoon.

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1) I think that the old langes might be big on you. Having to tighten the buckles all the way is not a sign of a boot that is backed out, but one that is too big. also the fore-aft movement, heel movement etc.

look for a good boot fitter, not a good boot, and let them do there job. But again don't be surprised if you go down a shell size or more
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