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I posted a question about this once before, but now I at least know he's got to stick with twin tips (as per the coach).

Anyone know about twin tips that are good for a B mogul competitor?

My son (10) trashed his new Line Invaders in the spring by doing a lot of grass skiing with them. He should have been using rock skis for that, but thats water under the bridge now...

I have to get him new twin tips for competition (I know of no pure mogul ski that comes shorter than 150, he needs around 133 - 138). I was thinking of just getting another pair of the Line Invaders - the 08 model seems to have a stronger "Poplar Macroblock" wood core, supposedly strongest and lightest, which I think would be a nice thing to have in the bumps.


There are about 10 or 15 junior twin tips out there, its a little confusing. The Head Mojo Spawn 2 (with the xray of the leg on the topskin) look interesting, plus the Nordica Spark JR got a high rating from a SKI mag test done last spring at Sugarbush (although that one has a foam core, I think wood would be better).

Here's the list I've compiled so far:

Line Invader
Head Mojo Spawn 2
Dynastar Troubled Youth
Nordica Spark Jr
Rossi Scratch Ghetto Pro
Volkl Bridge Jr

Here's the question: Does anyone know of one particular jr. Twin Tip we should be looking at for him that would excel in the bumps? Or are the Lines a good choice?

Thanks for any insight.