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Rossi Bindings (FKS vs Axial)

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For two bindings with (I think, though I'm not sure) the same mounting pattern and very similar appearance, they're mighty different - different toe and heel mechanisms (and different AFD). Having had a few very frustrating prereleases on axial 140s this season (1 in GS, on gs skis, 1 in slalom, likewise on slalom skis, with an identical pair of 140s on them), I'm considering moving to RKSs for my next pair... if you know much about the technical differences between the RKS and the axials, I'd love to know!

I liked the small mounting pattern of the axials, as well as their (previous) aversion to prereleasing. I have 3 axial 140 bindings and I just sold a 100, and before this season I had never had bad experiences with the bindings. they are all stored over the summer at low dins and though they haven't been torque tested, I've only released from the heel, and having owned many a pair of these bindings i have a sense of whether or not their dins are accurate just by clicking into the bindings (obviously not a science, but I know that they are not more than half a din off, or so). My forward pressure is also fine...

side note: before this string of rossis I had markers. I will not ski on markers again for a very long time. at the time I was maybe 150 lbs and I would prerelease regularly with markers on 11 or 12. that same year i had axials that didnt prerelease on 7 or 7.5... both bindings had been tested


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I do know that you can wear out the Axials in about 50 to 60 days. The rotational pivot is not very well made. It allowed the heel to wobble side to side enough to think your edges were very dull. Went back to my old FKS Pro. Very solid feeling. My wife wore out her Axials in about 80 days. I've had Look/Rossi bindings forever without ever having this kind of problem.
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Sorry, I don't have any tech info.
As you said the difference at the toe
is the AFD; with the RKS having the older
Look Z series fixed AFD.
The heel on the RKS is like grumpyof's
FKS Pro. Basically it is the old Look heel
with the plastic side spacers gone and
the then the heelsides narrowed for a
nice tight fit on the boot. I have the
FKS also, though mine have the old Geze/Rossi
toe. Good binding with a solid feel.
Only detail to watch, when flying wrap the
heelpieces in foam to keep the ramprats
from bending the tubular pieces!
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When you say that you can wear out the bindings, what are you referring to? the heel does pivot loosely, but that pivot isn't set by the din spring anyway, and I don't think it needs to be stiff to hold your boot in well... I've certainly noticed a wobble playing with the heel of the binding, but never while skiing... hmm...
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the toe has the same screw pattern but the heels are different. wearing out? i've got demos with 150+ days on them and they still test well within limits on twist and forward release.
the FKS or Look TT old style binding is probably a better high performance binding than the current axial/pivot. that being said so is any 6-15 year old system, why? METAL look at the old bindings from everyone( except marker they always sucked, always) the machining and casting of the older systems meant that you binding had very little wear in the system. today except for full race stuff the various binding companies make their product with materials that will wear out sooner. WHY?
-weight-consumers always gripe about weight "my skis are heavy/waah waah" how heavy is something you are standing on? suck it up princess.
-cost-consumers always gripe about cost "geez, that binding costs 50$ more, that will cut into my pizza fund for one weekend" waah waah, it only protects your legs, body, brain which you only need for the rest of your life. if you want bindings to last spend more on them
ooops ranting
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It's the central pivot point that the heel piece revolves around. You're right that the din setting won't change that. It's like having a loose wheel bearing on your car except that you can't tighten it up to take out the play.On closer examination of the bindings I think they were made to meet a price point instead of point of quality and performance. Rossi still make the older more durable turntable design that they market to the racer crowd.
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