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Beaver Creek WC this coming thursday

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I am planning on driving up to Beaver Creek on Thursday to watch the men's combined. I am not planning on skiing - just watching. Does anyone have experience with the race that can tell me what to expect? For example,

How crowded will it be?

When should I plan on getting to Beaver Creek (the downhill run starts at 11:00)?

I understand that spectators are limited to the finish area. Are plenty of good seats available, or should I try to get there early?

How well can you see from the spectator area, and are there preferred places to sit/stand? Are binoculars a good idea?

Any food available at the finish area, or should I pack a lunch?

Any other suggestions I wouldnt know to ask about?

Thanks a lot

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Well I can only tell you about last year-but I had a great time-went to all four days of racing.

I'd get there early-you have to take a bus up to the base of the mountain (unless you're staying on mountain) and then another bus up to the race area. They're good about having buses ready, but you might wait. It's a pain but not that bad. Lots of racers take the bus to and from the race area with you so its pretty cool-esp. the non superstars so take the starting guide with you to figure out who they are by number. Budget at least an hour for that travel. You also have to walk on snow (and uphill) the last 50 yards-so wear good shoes.

It was never that crowded-but it was pretty cold last year. Thursday-Friday was definitely not crowded-always a seat available anytime. If you arrived early you could get a grandstand seat even on downhill day, but it was definitely SRO by the end of that day. A preferred place? There's only one grandstand and the higher up the better i think. That's where the band from Austria was and they probably know best about these things!

You can see the bottom of the course pretty well, esp. with binoculars. Practice finding small objects moving very fast-these guys are quick. They're small coming off Golden Eagle (?) jump into view-and you then lose them in the Abyss, but then they start getting bigger. Your best view is definitely right before the finish and after. There is a big screen set up thats show you the early action on the upper course you can't see. Whatever you miss in overall view is more than compensated for by the fact you're right there live. It's exciting.

There's basic food available-burger, chili at your basic mid-mountain place there. Last year Bose had a nice hospitality tent set up anyone could go in to buy some fancier meals, but I never tried them, looked good. There's a VIP tent area but I don't know how you get a ticket for it.

Other things-well it was pretty cold last year and the grandstands are metal. Dress accordingly. And remember you can't walk back to your car-bring everything you want the first time. An insulated mug is good to have. The US Skiteam van sells them. And don't forget to wait for the medal ceremonies after the race.

And-oh yeah-more cowbell!

have a great time-I know you will. let me know if you have other questions.
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