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Are you normal?

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With the ski season just barely getting underway here, a bunch of us got into a discussion about ski injuries over the weekend. The most generally quoted number for "injuries requiring some kind of medical treatment" is just short of 4 per 1000 skier days. Meaning if there are 1,000 people skiing on my hill today, it's likely that there would be four reported injuries.

I've added things up and decided I'm pretty normal (in this particular regard, anyway).

My skiing injuries:

Broken fibula
Broken fibula
Torn and reconstructed Anterior Cruciate Ligament
Broken Shoulder
Torn (but healed) Medial Collateral Ligament
Torn (but healed) thumb ligament

As nearly as I can determine, I've skied about 1600 days over the 36 years I've been skiing, which would give me an injury rate of about 3.7 per thousand skier days.

I'm curious about the rest of you. Are you normal?


Or am I the one raising the average? :
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Luckily, nothing so far in 60 days over five years but a jammed shoulder (dang Deer Valley cruisers). Had I not had a helmet, though, I'd've had two concussions by now.
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Sorry Bob but you are " the one raising the average " or you are a jinx like . Through my 40 years of skiing I had no brokes at all. Wish you good luck .

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Am I normal? Absolutely not... that's why I hit the slopes each year despite the risks involved. But I must say you have an impressive record there Bob! My injuries as follows:

1.Right shoulder dislocation – attempted to learn sno'boarding and of course I got cured of that on my first day of trying. I then discovered how sweet skiing was… and still is.

2.Right ACL injury – it’s hanging for dire life I guess but with diligent PT I’m back in shape and hopefully ok until (eventually) will snap and require reconstruction.

That’s it! I strive to keep the record to a minimal low. God only knows!

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Haven't broken/torn anything yet! Hope to never.
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It is bad luck to answer this topic (step over the crack, throw salt over the shoulder...damn...where's the rabbit foot?).
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: I'm quite bloody f___ing normal. Thank you for your concern!

...... Oh! You meant skiing normal? Oops.

Nope! In coming up on almost 37 years of skiing I've only had one ride in the old meat wagon. A very bad cut, "trick" skiing while wearing shorts, lots of blood. Royal Christy on too steep a hill. Got over and couldn't get back. Hey! I was young and allowed to be dumb.

The helmet has stopped one other bad one. Slipped on ice, skis went up and came down like a hatchet. Helmet lost. I walked away.
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In my 38 (wow, is it really that many) years of skiing I have had only oneski accident and two ski related accidents which required any sort of attention. Neither happened while I was actually skiing.

My ski accident-I hit a patch of ice, fell and slid face first causing abrasions all over the right side of my face. My mom wanted to make sure that this healed well and didn't leave a scar so she took me to the doctor.(I was supposed to have a couple solos-one vocal and one instrumental- the next night at our senior concert, that didn't happen.)
I had those darned rear entry boots with only one (very sensitive) buckle in the back. After getting off the chair at Haystack I did a 180 to wait for others to get off the chair. As I turned around the boot popped open and my foot came out. I fell and put my arm out to stop myself. As my hand hit the ground my thumb hit a rock or ice or Something. I dislocated my thumb and broke it is several places. (It's still crooked)
Despite the pain, I continued to ski for the day and drove home.

As I mentioned in another thread, Last year I took a mean fall on ice when leaving a ticket window, tore my pants and badly bruised my leg..but I skied anyway.
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I've been skiing for about 24 yrs. I've been averaging 35days over the last 11 yrs. I've only suffered my injuries in the last 11 yrs. I've had 2 treatable injuries..

1 torn rotator cuff from being hit by a skier (treated with cortisone and rehab)
1 broken tibial plateau with a torn miniscus (treated with 2 surgerys)

I guess I'm about normal..... sorta [img]graemlins/evilgrin.gif[/img]
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Wow. This is very interesting.

Part of our discussion over the weekend had to do with whether there's a fairly substantial subset of skiers who essentially *never* get injured. A lot of you seem to fall in that category.

The flip side of that coin would seem to be that there's another subset (like me???) who tilt the curve higher.

My hat's off to those of you who've kept yourselves in one piece. Well done and keep it up!

Anybody else care to share?

I'm feeling pretty snakebitten, here.

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Bob, is it maybe where you ski that might be a factor? I mean, JH is not exactly the easiest mountain in the world to slide on.
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25 years - 1600 days. 3 injuries.
ACL Reconstruction- 1988
Medial Meniscus repair- 1990
Badly twisted and sprained ankle - 1993
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Bob: Since part of my job is to interpret mortality and morbidity statistics for accident prevention, this is a no brainer.

Some .... of us .... learn ... from our mistakes!

Bet the OSHA kids would like to be in on this narrative?
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I'm certainly not going to pick up the normal banner and run with it - I'd probably get hurt. I also won't bore you my personal injury history, let's just say it's comprehensive. I will tell you my history includes broken bones (plural), stitches, cuts and bruises, etc. But no tears or surgeries. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

You should have heard the hystrical belly-laughs coming from my family and friends when I announced what they had long known, I'm accident prone. This winter I will celebrate my fortieth year on skis and much as it pains me to say it - I stand with Bob on the Bell curve of injuries. Possibly on the more painful side of Bob.

Blood Type A+
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25 Years, probably 500 days:
One major injury, broken tibia.
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Originally posted by John J:
It is bad luck to answer this topic (step over the crack, throw salt over the shoulder...damn...where's the rabbit foot?).
I agree! But against my better judgement, I'll respond. My only bad fall happened in the village at Whistler! The freakin' cattrack thingie slipped off my boot! DUH! No serious injury, just a lot of pain.

Fortunately, I began skiing at a time when upper level fitness geeks were obsessed with creating programs that prevent ACL injuries. So far,theory actually works in practice.

I do tend to exert a considerable amount of control. Fitness is how I earn my already meager living. We don't get paid for time off.
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4/1000 ski days seems low:

The first aid stations, meatwagons, helicopters, seem busier than that....especially if you consider medical attention a bag of ice and precautionary x-ray. gotta be more than that.
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OH skiing injuries..going into my 45th season.Days?..1,000..or close easily 300/400 last 10 years...Age 48.

20 yrs ago at Tremblant I was pushing myself on my skiis..along the walk towards the condo day 1 of ski holiday..my right ski slid out and I banged this little pole..just above my boot top..it didn't really hurt..no bruise..I did fall..no big deal..till I went to move.3 seperate fractures..between that spot and my knee..about 1" long..1 across,1 straight up and down,1 at an angle.

But a skier client of my fathers..around the same time..slipped on ice..in the parking lot..compound(ouch) of the lower leg/ankle.

Someone else I talked to..1st day of a MUCH deserved holiday/ski holiday..hubby falls(expert skier..)no big deal..comes up spitting blood..fell on his keys in his pocket..between the ribs shot..ouch!

I am GRATEFUL!!..I have been EXTREMELY LUCKY! AND FORTUNATE!I have not endangerred others with reckless..or even careless skiing..but SOME of the stuff I got away with..by myself..close friends..some STUPID! stuff..I don't really talk about..let alone brag about..I sort of smirk/laugh..shake my head..

Have a SAFE! FUN! season everyone!..
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Bloody nose, and bruised eye sockets. That's it. D*** snowboarder parked in the middle of a groomer. First day out and I fell and slid into him. My nose intersected his shoulder, and my sunglasses proceeded to intersect my eyesockets, thus causing painful bruises. This in 16 Days of total skiing in 2 years. Does that make me dangerous?

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I have NEVER been accused of being normal! But when it comes to injuries.....

46 seasons, over 5000 days....

Uncountable number of torn muscles, major hyper extension of right knee/leg (the only surgery- PCL, MCL, LCL, both hamstrings), broken ribs, several concussions, impacted shoulder, hip pointer, crushed peripheal nerves in my back, several strained/ partialy torn ligaments, several impacts with both trees and lift towers, bone bruises, bruised lung...

I can't even remember them all! Glad to hear I'm not the only one who seems to get to visit the ER occasionally. I've had enough x-rays and MRI's to make me glow in the dark! And thank goodness for a great friend who is a fantastic chiropractor...

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3 concussions (each separate from the one listed later in this list); broken ankle; broken wrist; laceration on forehead, broken left elbow; finger broken in 2 places; ACL/ribs/concussion/butt/right elbow in one stupid, avoidable accident last May; and a herniated C7 disc; for a total of 10 separate injuries (that I can recall).

Dividing this number into appx 750 skier days would appear to give me about 13 injuries per 1000 skier days, but this isn't an accurate picture. Since I track my ski days I know that I've skied almost 20 million vertical feet, or about 26,000 vf per day.

Since we're talking averages, it's important to plug these injury numbers into another known average. I read not too long ago that the average skier only skis an average of 11,000 vf per day. So, if one considers that I ski almost 2 1/2 times the average, my injury rate is around 5, or just slightly above average (I believe the extra point can be accounted for by my propensity to air more than the average).

Breaking it down even more accurately, I get injured once per two million vertical feet skied. I like the way that sounds even more... [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I've had no skiing injuries that required medical treatment so far. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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As you know me - no need to go into detail. Suffice it to say I'm (well) above normal (and proud of it? [img]redface.gif[/img] ).
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noting the lack of noise from JamesDeluxe.........
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No injuries that can be related to skiing so far (in 31 years of skiing, soon to be 32).
Please do not let this topic branch in:
"If you've got no injuries, then you never dared enough, you never pushed your limits, hence you're not a real (serious) skier."
Well, I'm proud of not having sustained any injury (ski related)
When I broke my L1 in a motorbike crash, the idea of not
being able to walk again scared me beyond reason.
I want to last a bit longer, to be able ski until I'm 90 at least.
Do torn pants and one pieces count,though?

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Originally posted by Matteo:

Please do not let this topic branch in:
"If you've got no injuries, then you never dared enough, you never pushed your limits, hence you're not a real (serious) skier."

I hope it didn't sound like I'm implying that because I'm really not. As I said, my friends and I discussed the fact that several people we know have skied long and hard and haven't had any injuries at all.

I don't know that conditioning or *where* you ski (Brokedown Palace ) or even attitude have that much to do with it. Plain old luck, maybe? Karma?

I guess maybe those of you who lead the charmed lives should be thankful there's people like Gadget, endless, Si, and I around to suck up the injury energy. [img]tongue.gif[/img]

On a semi-serious note, we're all starting to get back on snow. To quote the sergeant from the old "Hill Stree Blues" TV show:

"Hey! Let's be careful out there."

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I have permanent damage to one arm from a bad fall. It was a complex fracture but after successive attempts to mend the damage I had to finally accept the worst and that the arm would no longer function as it once did. It was a big shock and nearly put me off skiing altogether.

Shame really, best pair of oakley sun-glasses I ever had.

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I would guess that people who have raced a little or a lot, and/or guided, for example, or regularly ski riskier terrain might run a slightly higher risk of injury. I think many of these skiers are fully aware of this and view it more or less as part of the territory.

It seems that when I've heard many skiing "superstars" talk about their lives skiing, snaps and tears and slams were all de rigueur.

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About 100 +/- days on skis over past 5 years.

Tally= 1 concussion, and 1 currently undiagnosed knee issue.

By 1,000 skier days, I imagine I'll be a corpse. :
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Bob, you did not.
I was merely providing unneeded and unseeked "word of wisdom".
I'm sorry when someone suffers injuries, and I put down the accident to, as you say, Kerma, bad luck etc.
Maybe I've just been lucky, who knows?
Let's see if the trend goes on.
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