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Hunter - 12/8-12/9

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Just saw this mentioned in another thread and was also planning on attending...

Hunter is having their annual demo weekend 12/8-12/9. I'm planning on being there at least one day, possibly both. Anyone else planning on being there that would want to meet up? ekend&filter=
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I doubt I can make it, but the chance of snow and good conditions looks promising for the next week.
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Maybe some snow this weekend will motivate people to come out.
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I am planning to go Sunday - shoot me a PM, it would be nice to meet other bears

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Heading up for one of those days, don't know which yet.
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I MIGHT go... really depends on what I have to do around the house.. I ditched out on all the chores for skiing this weekend..hehe

If I do go it will probably be sunday..

I'll be in a light brown Jacket, Dark Brown pants, Red Solomon skis Red Spider Hat, Red Bolle goggles, Red poles...

Crap I'm pretty color cordinated..just noticed that.. lol

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Looks like it should be good this weekend with the snowmaking weather they will have until then. They should be able to open a lot more terrain. Anyone up for a 10AM meeting time either day? Other time better?
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I'll be there Saturday, name the place and I'll be there. 10:00 is good.
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Thread Starter about in the main lodge, near the stairs to the sushi bar?
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Sounds good.
Black Northface pants, black Spyder jacket, old guy, white hair.
Looking forward to meeting another Bear :
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Oh yeah...Blue Arcteryx jacket, dark grey pants - 6'3"

See you then.
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I was going to come, but I rolled ankle last night playing basketball.. not too bad of a sprain I should be ok in a week but definetely not skiing this weekend..

dang it.
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