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Back in the day I once dropped my last doobie from the lift-then rejoiced that the 7-11 near the mountain only had strawberry papers left when we found the doob in the woods
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Originally Posted by northeasterner View Post
rejoiced that the 7-11 near the mountain only had strawberry papers left
This took me a minute - as I recall those would make a red stain?
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A small bottle of Jagermeister. Of course it was gone when I got to the spot. No doubt some teenager thought Christmas had come early!
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Uh, I guess I'm a klutz. I've dropped a lit pipe (back in the day of course), ski pole, glove, wallet, car keys, a ski (after clanging it on the side of a lift tower to 'check the binding'), and my nephew (the story is in an old thread on Epic somewhere).
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Not at the same time, mind you...
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Originally Posted by 4cznskier View Post
This took me a minute - as I recall those would make a red stain?
No, but it sure stood out in the "frozen granular" under the lift.
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My ski and myself. The ski by accident and myself on purpose, to go after the ski. This was of course all before I knew that the lifties are well trained in this and will just send the ski up for you.
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I've dropped a bunch of stuff on the lift. Ski, poles, hat, glove, cell phone, trail maps, brothers gloves, goggles, sun glasses, food, adult beverages, and my personal favorite, I pushed a student who didn't get all the way on off the chair. Luckly for him it was a few feet from the ground though.
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when on patrol, I once lost the propane tank trailer from my snowmobile. It crashed into a snowbank right below the loading zone for chair 6. I had to dig it out from under every passing chair.

I had to buy beer for the entire staff.

I also got (deservedly) severely heckled by all people who not only loaded the chairs, but stood in the coral throwing snowballs at me.

poor form, poor form.

(not necessarily dropped from the lift, but just as lift-relevant as anything.)
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About 6 years ago, I was still skiing on Atomic 210 racing skis. Going up a lift at Alta, I caught my right ski on an overhanging tree limb. Popped right off. Luckily, my bro-in-law was on the lift with me, and my ski was bright neon orange, so it wasn't hard for him to spot and recover for me. That was, AFTER he stopped laughing.
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I don't recall ever dropping anything myself, but a good friend dropped a student on time...

The area that we taught at, for an unknown reason, hired foreign lifties that spoke little to no English. My friend, who is only about 5' 3" 110lbs herself, skis up with a 3 or for year old that can't reach the chair. The kid obviously needs a boost, so she asks the attendant to slow the chair. He nods, but never slows the chair. She never got a chance to lift the kid before the chair took off.

As I'm scooting up for the next chair I look up and see the kid start to slide of the the lip of the chair, with my friend desperately trying to grasp something that won't slide off. The lifty keeps smoking his damn cigarette as I reach over and slam the E-stop button, giving my friend a chance to pull the child back onto the chair before he fell. The worst part about this was the child's mother was videotaping the whole thing! Luckily, when we explained to her what had happened, she got pissed at the lift attendant, and not the ski school (or us).

It's one thing to drop your own stuff/yourself, but I never want to see something like that happen again.
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I am told when I was like 4 on my first time skiing that I dropped my ski. Don't ask me how.: Luckily they were a rentals.
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I dropped a patrol toboggan off of our old quad chair in January of "83". I know this date because once you have done something like that the guy's on the patrol, that are still around, will never let you live it down! It was very windy, and I was young. It pretty much trashes your sled ripped one of the tracers right off it. live and learn. On the bright side I have never lost a munchkin off the chair during a lesson, and I know other Instructors that can't make that claim, it happens more often than you think!
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When I was a kid, we used to "accidently on purpose" drop a headband or something on closed runs with fresh snow. That way, if we were caught, we had an excuse.... for poaching freshies in plain view! It worked too!

In my whole life I have accidently dropped a pole, a glove, my buddies 2-way radio, a full bag of weed (recovered!), and one lighter. I have also barfed and pissed from a chairlift before!

I have seen a guy with unbuckled rear-entry boots lose his ski with his boot still in the binding! There he was, sitting on the lift wearing just a tube sock on one foot!
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Both poles. On Tremblants' Expo, a major mogul run with a lift full of critics. Near the bottom of the bumps.
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A sit ski student. Luckily only a few feet after loading. Got paired with a kid not strong enough to completely lift the sit ski. Also goggles this past weekend, was able to retrieve quickly but never fun.
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Originally Posted by trekchick View Post
He always has to take his gloves off to take a candy bar out of his pocket(snicker snackers are his usual). He always hands me his poles while he does this. One day he was not sharing his snickers with the rest of us, so I told him, If you don't share your snickers with us I'm dropping your pole. He refused. Buh Bye Pole!!!

His buddies who were on the chair with us got a chuckle out of it.
He shares his candy now!

Withholding candy, he definitely deserved it!

As for things I've dropped off the lift, nothing so far.
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Nothing that I recall at the moment.
I'm sure I dropped some paper tissues box here and there but I don't remember ever dropping something so important for me to remember.
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Im much more likely to drop myself in a glorius yard sale under a lift than drop anything from above. Im also suprised no ones commented dropping articles purposly onto those special "trees".
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I dropped my dog
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My backpack on the Summit Chair at Whiteface. It was during a year of a great deal of snow. After droping the bag I skied down a trail named "Skyward" to where I thought the bag was located under the chair. I started through the woods on my skis to get to the bag under the lift. The trees were too thick to get through with my skis on so I took them off (a big mistake). The snow was so deep I nearly smothered in it. I grabbed a tree to stop from going completely under. I managed (after a huge effort) to get to my bag. I decided not to go back the way I came so I hiked up to the summit under the chair. I walked over to "Skyward" and was about to head down to where I had entered the woods. The trail was hardpack and to steep to walk down (without skis I would have slid to Manhatten) so I ventured down the edge of the trail in the tree line. After a great deal of effort I got to my skis. I carried them out to the trails edge and proceeded to put them on. By than I was drenched in perspiration and exausted. As I put my skis on a Ski Patrolmen skied up to me and asked if I was okay (I looked a mess) and needed help. I said I was okay and skied down to the Mid-Station lodge where a friend was wondering what had happened to me. He said he was about to send out a search party for me.

A few years later I was on the same lift with my daughter and her friend. Her friend had a ski fall off at about the same point as my bag. When we got to the Summit we waited for a Ski Patrolman to show up and told him what had happened. He skied down under the lift to retrieve the ski. My daughter's friend (Melanie) skied down (on one ski) to where he was coming through the woods with her ski. We thanked him (Matt) and Melanie had regained her ski at the effort of a very nice Ski Patrolman.

The moral of the story - It pays to be a very cute teenage blond skier from Montreal when you lose a ski off the lift - and to have a skilled Patrolman like Matt to retrieve it for you.

Lucky to be here after a "tree well" visit,


P.S. Survival on the mountain should never be taken lightly.
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My 7 year old daughter last year at Smuggs. She did'nt sit back far enough and slid off. Grabbed her, but after a second I knew I couldn't lift her, so I dropped her before we got too far off the ground!
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