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how much can boots be stretched?

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I know that this is not the normal way to size boots, but I received a free pair of race boots (Nordica Doberman WC 150) through my racing team sponsers. According to the online specs, the boot is about 95mm in width, but I am a really wide foot (4e) and according to my ruler, my foot is about 125mm, with a couple of bunions to punch in addition. Can I get a boot stretched/shaved that much (30+ mm)? I know it will cost me, but again, I am getting these for free.

In the past, I have used more middle-of-the-line boots that have been screwed to increase stiffness, and I would like to see what I could do with a real race boot.

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well racers have wide feet too, but wow, those are a wide set of feet to get into that boot. what size is the foot / boot??? ..... the following depends on the answer to the last question as the boot is 95mm in size 26 / UK 7 and increases / decreases in width depending on the size

the first problem will be shell distorsion and collapse, the second problem will be the boot hitting the show as you get the ski on it's edge

is the foot 125mm + the bunions or including the bunions, i would work on a max of 12mm approx each side, but you can then grind the shell thin and probably gain another 3-4mm each side. so i guess it rests on the bunion question and how much pressure you can withstand on your feet, if they are to be unclipped after each run through the gates then probably not too much of an issue ...if they are to be clipped up all day to teach in then i think you are just pushing the boundaries a little.....but in saying all this dificult to say without seeing the foot

good luck
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Thanks for the reply. I was looking at the UK size 9.

I have feet like a duck - narrow in the heal and with all the width in the toe box, so at least the streching would only be in a specific area instead of the whole side.
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ok so in a size 28 [uk9] the boot will be 103mm approx so the requirement of stretching will be reduced by a bit but it will still take a pile of work...are the bunions in addition to or included in the width???
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