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Choosing between 2 boots

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I recently bought two pairs of ski boots, and am trying to decide which ones are a better fit. Not having skied for very long, I do not necessarily know what feel to look for. I bought these in (different) ski stores, after measurements were taken, etc. Here is a description of what I feel now.

Boots 1 are Head Mojo, and while they feel snug, I am worried that they might become too loose with wear. Right now, I feel as though I can rotate my foot --- around an axis joining the heel with the second toe, say --- inside a little bit (right one in particular, as my right foot is probably slightly smaller than the left). I am not sure whether I am being paranoid about this degree of movement. In addition, the padding pinches at the back, above the heel, which creates chafing when I lift the heel. This lifting, however, does not happen naturally when I flex or walk; only if I force it. The fitter assured me that most people have an issue with the heel padding in Head boots, but that it goes away.

Boots 2 are Tecnica Diablo Magnesium, and they are slightly tighter than the Mojos, which I like. On the other hand, after standing in them for 30 mins or more (did this 3 times already), the pinkie toe (left foot, in particular) starts to be quite painful. I have good reason to believe that it is squashed, as I can see a mark (crease?) on the toe skin from having been pressed against the 4th toe so that the skin was pinched and squeezed.

To conclude, my questions are: might the Mojos be too big? For the Tecnica, would the pinkie-toe problem go away with wear, or is that too much to ask of the giving-in?

Thank you very much!

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well, the head are a 103mm width and the diablo are 99mm so quite a difference i would be seeking a third opinion, to be in such difference between boots it sounds like either one or both of the places you got the boots are off the mark,

what size are the boots , what size street shoes do you buy, or your brannock sizes if you have them, and the mm width of your forefoot across the 1st -5th Metatarsal heads would also be useful
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I have not measured the boots myself, but I was surprised to read that the Diablo Magnesium were supposed to be 104mm wide! The 99mm you mention makes a lot more sense. I had better go to a third store.

As for the measurements: The boots are both 27.5. Looking down at the brannock during the measurement process, and from a discussion with one of the assistants, the length of my foot is somewhere between 27.0 and 27.5, closer to 27.0. The width, unfortunately, I did not have the presence of mind to catch. Trying to use a ruler, I came up (no socks) with an estimate of 102mm -- I can imagine it being even 103, but can't exclude 101. Finally, I am wearing size 11 shoes now and feel very comfortable, although I know that the foot does not go all the way to the front of the shoe. In fact, I also have a pair of 10.5 New Balanace squash shoes here, and I can say that my feet move just enough in them to develop pretty unpleasant blisters after a time of not playing at all.

On a personal note, I felt much more comfortable with the apparent knowledge level of the man who fitted me with the Head than with that of the other one. That said, I am just a little bit fearful that the Head might be just slightly too wide (snug as the feeling may be now; they are also quite aggressively lined, I am told). As I understand that it is easier to deal with too tight boots than with too loose ones, I would rather not head straight for the slopes and be stuck with them like that.

Thanks a lot for your time!
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if you measure close to 27 on the brannock i would think, [and this depends on your foot shape] that you would more than likely be in a 265 in the head, they tend to be quite generous in the shell size. try taking the liners out of the shells, put your foot in toes just brushing the front and see how much space there is behind your heel, also how much space there is either side when you bring your foot to the centre of the boot...

if you need the 27 in length then based on the width you have given the head is too wide and the tecnica is the right width [as the boot widths increase as the size goes up the tecnica in a 27 will be around 102/103mm wide, the head 106/107mm]

do bare in mind this all depends on the shape and volume of your feet as well, where are you based, hopefully someone will be along to recomend your local pro
hope this helps a bit
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The widths that you quoted constitute another useful piece of information. I tried the draw-foot-contour-on-paper method to measure the length of my foot, and came up with 10 and 2/3 of an inch. According to one website, this corresponds to size 28 (mondo). Putting my foot in the empty shell, I think that there may be as much as 25 mm behind my heel when the big toe touches the front. There does not appear to be much lateral space, but I find it very difficult to estimate.

On the positive side, I think I have a suggestion for a good store in the area --- which happens to carry both Head and Tecnica, unlike the previous two stores I was in --- and will go to talk to the people there. Thanks again.
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