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Big Mountain Trip with Pics

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Recently took the family to Big Mountain, Montana
The first couple of days were fantastic bluebird days:
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sorry for some reason I'm not able to add pics.
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I have posted pics at http://www.pbase.com/floydgm/inbox

Day 1: We explored the mountain. Conditions were a bit crusty on the front side, The North Face was fairly soft with some powder to be found in the trees. Groomed runs were smooth.
Day 2: We spent alot time on the North Side in the morning. Then moved over to Hellroaring basin. Skied Greys Golf Course, The Back 9 and the lower half of Glory Hole. My 9 year old was able to hang with us in the steeps. Could not have been prouder. Last part of afternoon skiied
Moe-Mentum, North Bowl, Schmidt's Chute, Inspiration Run and East-Rim Face.

Days 3: We spent the first half of the day on a Snowmobile trip. Started snowing the morning and did not quit for 2 days. Spent the 2nd half of the day skiing Hellroaring Basin - Glory Hole and Slingshot.

Day 4: The snow continued. We were 3rd chair and the 1st to hit Hellroaring Basin. All fresh tracks since it snowed all night. Spent the entire day skiing the trees in Glory Hole, Slingshot and Picture chutes.

Big Mountain was a great time. The scenery could not be beat. The first 2 days we were fogless, a rarity we were told for Big Mtn, the views into Glacier Park were fantastic. All told, a great trip!
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Great shots, Greg. I can't wait for the day my 4 year old can be my ski buddy, too. Looks like a great mountain. I'll be in that neighborhood next week at Fernie. Your photos have me stoked.
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Great photos.
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Nice pics, Greg. You're very lucky to have skied on 2 bluebird days, much less 2 in a row! Aren't the views startling? They can make ya fall off the Glacier Chaser chair if you're not careful.

I'm envious you got into Hellroaring with freshies. I've never skied those trees in any shape but "skied out" and they're a pain that way, but would be amazing with fresh snow.

I've skied TBM when the visibility was so poor that almost nobody bothered to ski, even after buying lift tix. It's left me disoriented and caused me to fall unexpectedly. But it's still a fun mtn when there's new snow, eh? And that Glacier NP view can't be beat, except maybe by the view of the Tetons on a bluebird day at Grand Targhee.

Where's Photo 153 taken? I can't place it.

Photo 079 makes me DROOOOOLLLL...... nice image of Whitefish Lake in the background.
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I think 153 was in between Gray's Golf Course and The Back 9. I have alot live video on my digital camcorder in Hellroaring with the snow coming down pretty hard. Soon as I get a chance to edit it, I'll post it for you. We skied Taos last year, but my kids liked TBM better. I think mostly because of the size, length of runs, Hellroaring Basin and the aggressive nature of the big wide groomed runs. Lines were almost non-existent. Night skiing was pretty fun too. The North Side was pretty nice also.
Your right about the views, breathtaking! I really want to go back during the summer and visit Glacier Park. I took hundreds of pics.
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Wow. So that's what all the hubbub's about.
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