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Stowe 11/24-11/25

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RISKier and I headed up to Stowe on Friday and got two good days in Saturday and Sunday. The conditions are excellent, we were surprised at how great they were. By the time we quit Sunday at around 2:00, conditions were still excellent, there were a few icy spots but nothing to cause much trouble, and some baby bumps on a couple of trails.

The crowds were huge on Saturday, and we quit at around noon because it was so crowded and there were so many really bad skiers skiing really fast. The lift line at the quad was insane, too (that was the only lift open on Mansfield.) On the other hand, Sunday was much better, the same number of trails open and way fewer people. There was essentially no lift line Sunday after about 12:30 or so, and with conditions so good, we wished we weren't so tired and that we didn't have a 5-hour drive ahead of us, so we could have skied more.

We weren't sure what we were going to get and we figured we were taking a gamble driving up from RI, but we're really glad we went! This bodes well for the season I think. Knock on wood.
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Yeah, it's been great hasn't it? Dd you see how much snow is stockpiled on some of the other trails? Tyr was loaded pretty well, and they are working on the Crossover too. Lot's of snowmaking over on Spruce, and they put up more guns than I have ever seen on Liftline. I'm guessing they'll fire that up on Tuesday night.
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Only rarely do I agree with IQ but I must agree that the conditions on Saturday and Sunday were really outstanding and definately exceeded my expectations. Everything we skied had very good coverage. And I was surprised at how well conditions held up with the amount of skier traffic. I thought North Slope and Centerline probably had the best conditions. With the limited terrain and operating lifts things got fairly crazy on Saturday. Sunday was quieter and conditions were still very good when we left at around 2:00 pm. It's good to hear they are stockpiling snow. Really a great start to the ski season. Hopefully there won't be any major weather setbacks cause Stowe is off to a really good start.
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Stowe questions.

Ice I was up there on Sat. the crowds on the mountain were awful. I left after 1 run. Did not even bother skiing Sunday.

Is it true that the park 'n pipe will be on Spruce?

Don't what to make of that if true.

How is Stu C?

Hear he is planning very limited skiing this year.

I'm bummed to hear that Skiswift (Keith R) is moving to Deer Valley!!
Damn, the mountain is losing it's interesting characters.
And, it's meager supply of really experienced level 3 instructors.
What gives?

Did they fix the snow-making problems on Nosedive?

Any inside scoop on the hotel, and new base lodges?

Any lift replacements planned, perhaps the double and/or the triple?

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I figured it would be crowded on Saturday. The crowds were pretty minimal on Friday, and the conditions were superb. Went to Sugarbush on Saturday, not very crowded, but everything funneled into one narrow trail leading to the base, which got skied off very quickly, making for some very slick conditions.
Many thanks to Epic for letting me chase him all over the mountain, no easy task in itself. Despite all the negative stuff we hear about PSIA these days, it's refreshing to know that there are still instructors out there that can really bring it. If any of you people are in the area and are interested in taking a quality ski lesson, I urge you to look Epic up. He's the real deal.
Special thanks to Stu Campbell for being gracious enough to make some turns and share some stories.
And a big thumbs up to the Stowe Mountain snowmakers and groomers, for conditions that far exceeded my expectations.
Many thanks to all.
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Keith is gong to Deer Vally? News to me. I think he might just be doing a part time gig out there. But I've been out of the loop before.

Yes, the parks and pipe are all going to Spruce. This is a good thing IMHO. That lift was pretty much running empty and this will get a lot of traffic off of nice parts of Mansfield.

There's talk of replacing those lifts, but there have beentimes when the fact that tey are fixed grips was a godsend. Also, turning the double into a Quad would mean wisening Lookout, and that would suck! If you ever get a chance, stop in the Preview Center. There is a trail map there that shows everything that is approved. Of course, just because it is approved doesn't mean that they HAVE to build it.
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Skitoday, Keith says he's staying at Stowe for now but is still thinking about Deer Valley. He's basically part time at Stowe this year. He may be taking a fun-only trip to Utah, as far as I know.

I heard through the grapevine that Stu had been out skiing a few times, and got nailed by a snowboarder on one of those times. He was okay, luckily. This is second-hand, I don't know him (unfortunately!)

Epic is right, there is a ton of snow around. It was a winter wonderland up there, all the trees are encased in snow, and it was snowing a little on Sunday. It was beautiful, and a nice change from Rhode Island on Thanksgiving day, when it was over 60 degrees.
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Skitoday, epic is a L3 character

Here I sit with Snow envy and you abandoned the slope because you had to share with others.
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Originally Posted by skitoday View Post
I'm bummed to hear that Skiswift (Keith R) is moving to Deer Valley!!
Damn, the mountain is losing it's interesting characters.
And, it's meager supply of really experienced level 3 instructors.
Keith just e-mailed me back. He ain't goin' nowheres...

Anyway, just remember thatwhile we do lose really experienced level 3 instructors from time to time, we also turn out new inexperienced level 3 instructors. Like myself... I think we actualy have a lot of good new blood here, and if you saw our fall refresher, you'd know there's still plenty of crusty old 3s around too. Seriously, I've never counted, but I'll bet we have more 3s than 1s.

Mac - it looks like we posted at the same time. It was a pleasure meeting and skiing with you.
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