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I was watching the Doug Coombs Q&P video, and watched how he was doing his edges My question is why would you go to the trouble of sharpening your edges, and then run a gummi stone down the side 3 times to detune it..Why not just leave them as they were. Did I misread this or is there a reason for it.
Everything else looked pretty simple..

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He's not detuning, but rather de-buring.
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After cutting the side edges, a burr can be formed and a gummy stone, dressing stone, Arkansas stone, among other options can be used to knock it off. These images show a stone running along the base edge to knock down the burr. I'd suggest not de-tuning at all after sharpening, but keep0 a stone with you while skiing and only de-tune tips and tails. a little at a time, if you 'know' you need to.

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