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now a footbed question

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When trying on the 130 Dobie, we discussed footbeds. I really like the ones that I have, made by Nick at GMOL. Nick has since moved.

The footbed that was suggested was very thin in comparison to the one that I have now. There would be no posting, posting was a big part of the success of the current one.

Does anyone know about the thing footbed being recommended?
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what brand is the product, there are several out there and generally it is not so much that any of the products are not good, it is the guy making them who has to be good, with low volume race boots you can be a little limited as to which types of footbeds you can use, but there should be no reason why the product cannot be posted for stability
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This shop said they would not post the footbed.

Also, my first post says thing - should be thin.

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not a case of posting for correction, merely to fill the voids, and prevent the product from being unstable in the boot, still whaich make product are we talking about
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Originally Posted by CEM View Post
not a case of posting for correction...still whaich make product are we talking about
My GMOL footbed was posted behind the bone at the base of the big tow. Behind that bone not the toe. So that would be for correction, I suppose. But the rest of the footbet is not corrective.

I don't know the name of the footbed mfg, but I'll find out.


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There are different thoughts on posting in ski boots and posting without medical needs. We could talk forever.

So just to avoid that for the moment; you describe the first footbed as successful I think. What do you mean by that?

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the lift behind the bone behind the big toe did a lot for fit and comfort. It reduced pain and fatigue. Foot fatigue is a big problem for me. Also I have a bunion on both feet. This defect gets better or worse depending on conditions. This footbed helped in that aspect and actually reduced the size of the bunion. The rest of the footbed is firm and helps support my foot, more so than any that I have used.

The post mentioned above is the most noticeable. There was one other post that I could not feel, specifically. Nick did not create an arch, it mirrors what is 'there' and I am nearly without an arch.

While we are on the topic, Nick also ramped the boot, elevating the toe and ramping down towards the arch area. I have excessive flexibility in the foot. I don't know if this helped or not, maybe at higher speeds and when opening the ankle joint. But I couldn't tell.

My skiing is all about my boots. Boot fitting on me is much more dificult than on normal people.
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hey paul,
nick here. glad to here that the footbed that i made you a while back has seemed to work well. you should be able to take the footbed and have it trimmed or interfaced to your new boot. you only need a new footbed if your foot has changed or it has been heated and disformed.
the posting helps to support your natural foot shape. it does two things: distribute your weight more evenly and to help with a more instant feel with the snow. by lifting your forefoot, that helps limit your excessive ankle dorsiflexion.
i have since move on from GMOL and have a store in vail. skibootfitting, inc. with greg hoffmann.
good luck with your boots.
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Hello Nick,

I have asked these questions because I am about to buy a pair of Dobie 130s. Best fit so far and I hear from Epic and elsewhere that it is a good boot.

The post that you installed on my orthotic is behind the ball of the foot and it really helped the bunion and foot fatigue. Nice move.

I do plan to use my old orthotic because it is a good one. It seems snug, taking up more room under the sole than the stock footbed. That concerns me a bit.

Meanwhile, waiting for a dump at Magic
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