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Mounting My Bindings

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Hi guys, i'm new here but know a bunch about maintenance, i do all the tech stuff for my family (I'm a 16 year old racer). I just got new skis (JII and need to conform to the new fis spec) and would like to put the bindings on myself. I just have a few questions. The plate on my skis (Dynastar Course Pro and Omeglass WC) have size markings on it already for the bindings I am using (PX14), so there would be no drilling involved. Just to make sure, i'd screw the bindings into the size range for the sole of my boot, and then just push the tab in the back and slide the heel piece into place correct? How do I know exactly where the heel piece should be?
thanks guys,
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can anyone help me?
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There is an indicator window (near the Fwd P tab) on top of the heel housing, when the boot is inserted the bright yellow should be in the middle of the window.
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alright, and if it isn't then move it back/forth accordingly?
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