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07-08 Elan Magfire 10

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Size: 176cm
Dimensions: 125/75/109

Radius: 14.9m

Overview: Started off the day on my Mag SL's, then tried some of Finndogs skis, I will reply if he starts a thread on them (Monster 78 & Contact 11's). This is a nice ski, smooth in transition and like many Elans, mounted a bit forward. Because of the forward mount point, err on the long side if you are between lengths. As similar of dimensions are to a Metron, there was no similarities to the way the Magfire and a Metron ski like. While I can usually jump on any ski and be fine, these took a 2 runs or so to adjust to. I think the mount point as much as anything contributed to this.

I would say the ski is a very good all mountain contender for a level 7/8 or a lighter less physical skier. I think a stronger skier can and will overpower it, that is why the 12 and 14 are offered.

Details of the day and the skier:

Conditions: Big Boulder, Poconos. 40-some degrees, very nice man-made snow. Sunny.

My specs: 5’10” 200 lb. Skiing 30 years. Gear junkie by trade. 20 years in a Flexon Comp.

My own equipment:
07 Dalbello Krypton Pro ID 26.0 306mm
08 Dalbello Krypton IL Moro 26.0 306mm
Footbeds by Benny

08 Elan 999 185, Salomon S912
07 Blizzard Titan 9 181cm, Salomon S900 Alium
07 Blizzard Mag SL 165, Vist Speedlock, Marker 14.0
96 Volant PowerKarve 173, Nava Bindings/boots
07 Leki Trigger2 48"

Skiing style/technique: I am "heavy" on my skis. I tend to muscle a ski. I ski with a compact low stance.

Preference in skis: I like a ski that will hold and carve through a turn. I also like a ski that can handle moguls.
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FWIW, I mount rearward of center at least 1cm on all the Speedwave skis, as well as the Magfire 10. It makes the ski much more neutral in feel, as they can feel a bit aggressive if you are too far forward. Just bump the heelpiece back via the forward pressure tab, then use the Fusion adjustment to bump the toepiece back to match the heelpiece's position.
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I would agree with Phil, the ski was very nice, easy going and to me, it was much happier with mid to short ranged turns, It was stable and had a nice feel but at 176, it felt more like a 165 or something. I aslo agree that if someone wants a great cruiser whose not rippin big GS and not have to work the ski, this is a winner. I would recommend going with what Dawg recommends, I am sure it would make big difference.
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