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Snow snow snow in Europe

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For any of you guys that look for snow in the alps at the moment Gaschurn, Montafon Voralberg has plenty. 200 US soldiers have for instance invaded this little ski resort and clame ist the best place at the moment.

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What a joyous sight!

Three weeks, four days and counting....

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Same Here Scotski. Where are you off to?
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i'm heading to Verbier
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I'm off to Wengen, where it snows as I write [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img] [img]smile.gif[/img].

And yourself?
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I'm to Zermatt with family and friends. My wife is slightly gutted as she was going to come, sit by some mountain restaurants and soak up the sun. Our first baby is due in ten weeks and no airline is happy to take her!

Ville -Verbier is fantastic. Tortin is one of my all time favourites. You'll need your wallet full in the Farm though.
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Its still snowing a bit here in Partenen at 1000m as I look out the window 22:23 local time. Its the second day in a row. Cant complain....


Ville, Verbiere and in particular Mount Gele brings back good memories.... My all time favorite off pist ski resort.
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All that snow... I've just booked a fiendishly expensive Easter break in Verbier. Couldn't resist 4 days skiing for no time off work. (Not looking forward to midnight drive from Geneva however - is the road up to Verbier OK in the middle of the night?)

Sounds like Verbier is the place to be at the end of March!
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Here's a Euro gaper question for you guys-
I've rented an Avis car for 5 of us for next week. It's something called an Opel Astra Wagon - a station wagon that "seats 5". We'll be skiing Verbier, Zermatt, Chamonix, and Courcheval.
Does anyone know if this thing is front wheel drive, if it will be sufficient for the areas we'll be going, or if we'll be kicking ourselves for renting it?
Thanks for your help!
"So, we meet again for the first time!"
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OK, I guess it's a bit late to say:
Did you check www.holidayautos.com? They do great prices.
As for the car, it is front wheel drive, and reasonable size, although if all 5 of you have full ski gear, it will be a bit of a squeeze (and maybe not too fast either, depending on the engine)

Here is the UK version of the URL=http://buypower.vauxhall.co.uk/showroom/search/standardModel.jhtml?model=LS&brand=Astra&inSearch= false&vehicleType=Car]Astra[/url], click on the Estate versions to find out more about the wagon range.

The roads should be OK, but make sure you have chains with the car just in case! The main roads to the resorts are generally clear, but if you're staying in a chalet off the main road, you may need them.

Hope this helps,

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Look at http://www.matterhornstate.com/e/access/situation.html for road conditions. You can zoom in on the area you are interested in.
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The Astra is a small family car and not a big car by European standards (let alone American). It's about the same size as a VW golf. Whether it will seat five adults with all your bagage is questionable. You might want to think about an upgrade. Something like a Citroen C5 (big and comfortable), a Ford Mondeo, or an Opel/Vauxhall Vectra would provide much more space.

The Astra is front wheel drive but I would insist they provide snow chains with the car.

Hope this helps.


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Thanks for the info you guys. I'm looking into the links now...
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The astra with 5 people and gear would be very tight. The roads shouldn't be too bad though.
Heading to Verbs March 11th! Didn't snow as much as was forecast, but still more potentially coming.
I went over the pass from from the Swiss side to Cham in a foot of powder last year in an opel vectra wagon. Thought I was going to get stuck a few times, but as long as its not dumping you should be fine. Finally we are getting the goods!
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Vectra wagon and five of you will be tight but I just drowe up from Z├╝rich with two children, one wife and mother in law in a Opel Corsa with a 1.2 engine : pluss all our gear. It was a financial decision however.

One thing that really suck is the ski rack that sticks to the roof through magnetic pull and only fit two pair of old skis. The new carving skis dont fit since the bindings are too high. If you had a ski box your problem would be solved.

BTW, its dumping again here in Montafon again so it will be powder once again in the morning

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We're hiring skis so roof rack won't be a problem.
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