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I have been trying on boots. The Doberman 130 seems to be the best fit and it should perform well. The question: Although the boot does not seem very stiff, is it capable of being softend - forward flex?

I am planning on a 1* or .5* cant plus the boot has a cuff cant as well.

Does the 100 have the same last as the 130?

You thoughts would be very helpful.

Other options, Il Morro, Raptor 120 - may be a stiffer boot but I have good leverage so it doesn't matter.

I am real nervous about buying new boots. I have had so many problems in the past.

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To your questions, yes and yes!

The Doberman is a great choice for a great skiing boot.
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What's amazing, it fits
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That was easy! buy it, you will not be disappointed!
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Absolutely buy the 130. The liner in the 100 is not as good. I have over 100 days on a Hot Rod 130 (1 size down) and the liner has not given up much at all.

The Head is a nice boot, but the 120 version has too much padding in the achilles area.

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