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Setting the VCR

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So what does setting the VCR to record have to do with skiing? Well, as it turns out I was on the Pontiac World of Skiing website trying to figure out when I could catch the first episode of the season (the one that started LM's thread on Rob Butler's skiing advice). Lo and behold, today at 5:30 pm is the last broadcast of the program on SportsNet.

Arrgh! If only I could dial up my VCR to set it to record! That got me thinking about a next great phase of technology. Better than the Clapper and just as convenient as web-banking...

Thankfully OLN is rebroadcasting in December. Until then, I'll work on my VCR/telephony/webby thingamajiggy OR until the snow falls...

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I think I saw that as an option on one of the vcr's at camera world. When away, just call home and program it. too cute, now about that flashing 12:00
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