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Ok I've been snapping photos now for ~3 years with my Canon Rebel XT. I recently purchased the SD870 IS as my pocket camera for skiing. Some of my reasons and the reason why I believe you should purchase this camera.

- Wide Angel Lens (For good wide mountain shots)
- 3.0" View LCD Screen
- Image Stabilization allowing for lower shutter speeds
- 8mp, you won't need more unless you make HUGE prints
- Flashy look!
- Just a great camera put out recently by Canon.


Ordered from Beach Camera... trusted site and easy shipping. Buy it, you won't regret it.

And I also buy SanDisk for all of my memory cards, they've never failed. I also specifically buy the level II cards for speed and memory writing capabilities.

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tons of reviews and info.
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Like sibhusky, I have the SD800IS, purchased this July before I hiked the Inca Trail and skied Chile in September. I'm not a pro photographer, so if it won't fit in my pocket, I won't stop long enough to use a camera when skiing.

The SD800IS may be in process of replacement by the SD870IS, reviewed above by alex4412. Prioroties for me were:
1) Getting the equivalent of 28mm wide angle for scenic pics. This is what I missed most with my previous digital vs. prior film cameras.
2) The image stabilizer. It's great for low light or in awkward situations where it might be hard to hold it steady. I also have the Canon 10x30IS binoculars, which did an amazing job at the 2006 solar eclipse in Egypt. The IS on the camera has a control option that activates it only when you press the shutter, thus forcing you still to be as steady as possible while aiming.

Differences vs. the SD870IS?
1) The 800 is 7 megapixels while the 870 is 8 megapixels. I actually shoot at 5 megapixels because Canon has an option that adjusts the optical zoom up from 3.8X to 4.5X if I do that.
2) The 800 has a viewfinder and a 2.5 inch screen while the 870 has a 3.0 inch screen and no viewfinder. If you shoot in bright snow, you want the viewfinder IMHO. Canon will be making a mistake if they discontinue the 800 for this reason IMHO.

I do hardly any video. The TX1 looks promising if that's a priority. dpreview.com is definitely the "more than you would ever want to know" review source.
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IS makes sense now, thanks everyone.
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Any of the Canon Elph cameras SDXXX are fabulous. The metal case is tough. They are small enough to fit into any pocket. The pictures can easily be blown up to 8x10 with fine resolution. One proviso, they are not good for high-speed action shots.
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