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New member, with a question about early season skiing

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Hello folks, this is my first post here.

I live in Virginia, and ski a lot here, but it's been some time since I've done any skiing out West and I have a chance to get away in the next couple of weeks. I've never taken a ski trip this early, which leads to my question (s):

What North American locations would have be best odds for good weather and snow in early December? I assume the Canadian resorts would get coldest soonest because of the latitude, but I'm only guessing.

Is there a good web site to track conditions at multiple resorts, rather than having to bookmark each resort site?

Thanks much.

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It is still early yet to really make a choice about where to go. It is very hit and miss in Western Canada for prior to Xmas.

My advice Fly into Calgary, rent a car/SUV and then go to where the snow is.

Sunshine Village is usually pretty good by Xmas
Lake Louise is usually mostly skiable by Xmas.
Marot Basin is usually okay by Xmas.
Kicking Horse, well... looking to be okay for this Xmas
Panorama, it will have snow, good grooming, mother nature needs to step up.

Alot can happen in a short time in Western Canada, what is good one year may not be so the next.

From what I understand Interior British Columbia has been getting okay snow fall. Banff / Jasper area in Alberta is definately down a bit from usuall snow fall levels (mother Nature is just saving up)

Here are some links:


One good resource just to keep a quick eye where snow will fall is:

Not always the most accurate, you need alot of the white area for a long period for it to be a large accumulation of snow. I have used this site to chase snow a few times and it is usually pretty accurate, but I have been dissapointed a few time as well. Driving 14 hours in worst conditions ever only to get 3 cm, despite the powder watch indicating huge dumpage expected.

hope all this helps
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Very helpful Marmot, thanks very much for your quick and thorough reply. Sounds like there is really no particular area that becomes ski-able earlier than others. I just ust need to watch the weather and be prepared to go where the white is.

Darn the cost of last-minute flights.
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While it's not doing so well today, the PNW looks poised to get some good precipitation in the next week. Keep an eye on Whistler and possibly the interior BC areas such as Sun Peaks, Big White, and Silver Star.
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