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Wow.....its snowing...

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Snow level is down to 4,500' and the slopes are getting their first dusting today..... Not much, but I was suprised. I'd guess that Chinook Pass is getting pounded though and might have enough to ski on if they haven't closed the road...
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dude, where you been ? its been coming down white for nearly 2 week now !

big white 1st snow-9-16
ski utah 9-10 pics
durango mountain
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I was suprised to see snow falling at 3,000' yesterday is all. Its cool to see the first snow, but if its not already gone at all the locations you listed, it soon will be. Early snow never lasts longer then a few days....if even one. The real stuff doesn't start until late October/early November (hopefully). This is the earliest I've seen Snoqualmie get dusted in many years..... I guess Alpental got 2 1/2" on the top of chair 2.
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when u live in Houston(like i do) or anywhere in the deep south where 100 degree days are the norm, just take any mention of snow.
i'm quite jealous of all you that dont have to get on a plane to go skiing.
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