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Another which ski to buy question!

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Need help with choosing the right ski. I'm 6'1" 205lb and I would probably place myself in the high indermediate/low advanced level. I ski a couple of times a year out West and do some skiing in the Midwest if you can call that skiing. I've been looking at a couple of skis that I'm interested in but need some help from the experts in this forum.
Ski choice #1 = Atomic Izor 9:7
Ski choice #2 = Fischer AMC 73 or 76
Any other in the $350 price range?

Also, what size of ski should I be looking at.
Thanks for all the help
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Izor is the best of those you listed for the midwest. Atomics ski long, so I'd guess something in the 170's for you, but I'll leave that to the Atomic specialists here.

OTOH, if you plan to take these out west, you might think about something wider that can still grip ice. You don't say why you like Atomics (rented them? owned them?), but the Metron 11, or 11/B5, in 170 might be nice skis for all your needs, can be found cheap right now. The new Nomad series have gotten strong reviews, something like the Whiteout in 171 would fit. Or the Blackout, same length, if you're aggressive and closer to advanced than intermediate.

For your needs, the AMC 76 (forget the 73, too soft) would be great; it's an ice skate but has decent float. Can be had cheap right now online. If you ski fast, go long, as in 180's.

You might think about the iM78 Head too; strong reviews, unusually good for a midfat on hardpack but also decent float. And it's a stiff enough ski to handle your size. Good luck!
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Thanks for the response.
I've read some great reviews on these skis and that's why they're probably my #1 ski for the price/quality.
If I go w/ 168's in the atomic izor 9:7, would that be too short?
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Nov 26, 2007

Hi Trybek:

I could be wrong, but I'm almost certain that the Izor's don't come in a 170. The closest you can get is a 168. I just don't recall what the next step up in length is. I would guess 177, but don't hold me to it.

Think snow,

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How does Metron 9 compare to Izor 9:7?
Any deals out there for Izor 9:7 or Fischer AMC 76?
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The 9.7 in a 168 is just too short for your size. Don't waste the money. You just brought up the AMC 76 again; I owned it, rocks on eastern hardpack but pretty nice in moderate powder and trees out west too. Light, but has the beef to handle your size. Great deals on them online, do a Google, you would want the 177.
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Thanks for all your help "beyond"!
I just pulled the trigger on the AMC 76's in 176 for $360 w/ bindings. Can't wait to try them out at Copper and Loveland in January.
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