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Cleaning a white stone

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I bought a white SVST 400 grit stone for polishing after using diamond stones (100, 200 and 400). I can clean the diamond stones, but the white stone gets a black line on it that I cannot seem to clean off.

First, is the black line a sign that I am doing something wrong, and

second, how do I clean it off the stone (or should I worry about it)?

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You could try a little ajax and a toothbrush, or just don't worry about it because it doesn't hurt anything. Used tools should look used!
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I think the white stone is also called an Arkansas stone. I have one that also has those black lines. But I wanna know how to cut one ie make it shorter. Mine is about 5 inches long and I want to make it the same length as my diamond (moon) stones, so it will fit in a side edge guide that I have. Oh haven't tried cleaning mine with anything other than the secret sauce mixture of denatured alcohol and water that I use for cutting fluid.
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AFAIK, a 'white' stone could be a ceramic, aluminum oxide or Arkansas. Here's an Arkansas stone cleaning thread, among others.

MK, what length are your Moonflexes, 70 or 100mm? The shorter Arkansas stones are 3"/76mm are only $5 or so to preserve and avoid cutting your longer one. If you need to cut it, I think a tile saw would be your best bet. I have one if you need it cut and have no other convenient options.

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I use 409 or some such cleaner, nylon tooth brush or soft brass gun cleaning type brush to clean all my stones. I just pull out the brass one when a stone it particularly tough to clean. The white stones, Or Arkansas ,as I have is the one that gets the brass brush the most because the nylon doesn't work as good to get it totally clean.
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I have the ultrafine Arkansas transluscent stone that goes for about $21, and it has marks on it as well. I have tried to clean it, but the marks remain. My dad, a jeweler, has a few large Arkansas stones to sharpen his tools, all have marks. Its just the way it is.
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