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new k2's

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Hello all: trying to make a decision on new skis.
I am 5'8" 185lbs and ski mostly anything.love jay peak tree skiing.What is your opinion on purchasing either the axis x or the axis xp in a 174cm length.I ski on the MOD x 181 and find them a bit too long in the trees and bumps. would the bandit xx suit my needs better? also does anyone ski with the Lange banshee boots, opinion?

stephen :
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You and I are the same size 5'8" 185 lbs I've skied the Modx 181 for 2 years now I love that ski. I haven't had the oppertuntiy to ski the new K2 XP but those that have said it is a damp ski and not as livily as the axis x. You may also want to take a look at the new Fischer sceano 500 A friend demoed them and he thought they were one of the best all mountain skis he had ever been on. I'm looking forward to demoing a 170 This coming season. As for the Rossi bandits I have heard nothing but good things about them and many of the comments were from New England skiers. Sory i can't be of more help.
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Rossi Bandit XX in 177 cm length.
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K2s tend to ski long, so I think it would be a good idea for you to drop down to a 174. I'm 6' 205, and I have a pair of 188 Axis X that I use as a second pair for crud and late season. If I were going to buy a pair of the new Axis XP's for myself as an everyday ski, I'd go down to a 181. Haven't tried the new XP yet, but from what I've read about it, they would probably do well in the trees at Jay and still hold their own on the hardpack. Last years' Axis X Pro was a popular ski in the East because it was decent on ice. Have a friend who skies mostly at Cannon that owns the Fischers and loves them, but I've never tried them myself. The Axis series has had a real good track record so far, and I think I would probably be partial to them.
Good luck.
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I'm 5'10" 175 lbs. and I ski the Axis X (formerly mod X) in 174. Tried the 181, but the 174 was much friendlier in the trees and bumps--without sacrificing anything in powder.
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What about durability issues with the Rossi's? I'm thinking about getting a semi-fat ski as a second pair, and the XX would fit the bill. However, I've heard a lot of complaints from people that buy Rossi's in general, and people in the shops that I've talked to aren't real quick to come to their defense. I haven't heard anything negative about the XX, just Rossi in general. Whats' your experience in this area?
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Just want to point out one thing about the Axis XP for this year has gotten a whole lot wider waste than the prevous years Axis X pro. The Axis XP has dimensions of 115-78-105 were the Axis X Pro from last year were the same as the Axis X in dimensions of 107-70-97 the classic mid fat size. The new XP dimensions are more like the Bandit XX ski's now but even wider than those. (Bandit XX 110-74-100). Havent skied any of these new ones but it seems that the new Axis XP is a whole lota wide ski. I did ski this years Bandit X and liked it compared to my Mod X skis in 181. I skied the Bandit X in 177 as the 184?? i beleive was the next length up was just to long. I still like my Mod X 181 better than the bandit X especialy in busting through crud. Axis X is same ski as Mod X, new name new paint, no peizo (lol). Axis X hasnt changed this year at all.
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Not sure on Rossi's overall performance in terms of durability,but their customer service is top notch. My brother delam'd a pair of Bandit XX's last year and was given a new pair with no hassles. I've heard similar stories of their great service from other Rossi skiers.

Personally I loved my Rossi's before switching over to K2 (ski the Enemy and the Mod X now)and honestly would say demo both if you can. Then pick which one feels better.
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Thank you everyone for sharing your thoughts. I think I might go with the 174 axis x as the xp might be too wide for the East.
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I hope that I can shed a little light on this, since I am about your size (5'8"/180lbs) and I own a 184 XX, 188 Axis X Pro and skied the Axis XP 181 in a variety of conditions. If you want something quicker than your Mod X, either a Bandit X or XX fit the bill. The X is a great short turner and bumper, but gives a bit up in the soft stuff. When it comes to the XX, don't let the 74-mm waist fool you. This is a quick stick. I have never skied bumps better on a midfat, than I do on my 184 XX's. Also, the Bandits have a turned up tail, so a 184 is more like a 181 and a 177 more like a 174 in other brands. Concerning durability, I ride my XX's in the park and land big airs and switch landings on them, with no delam or damage issues to date.

The Axis XP is a fun ski if you really need a 50/50 stick. It will turn quickly, but not as quick as my XX's, yet it won't handle speed the way my Axis X Pro will. It is a little too damp and lacks the high speed groom performance expected from a ski with a Ti laminate construction. Don't get me wrong...people are going to love the XP as a one quiver ski, but it is best described as a "jack of all trades...master of none" type of ski. Also, if you look into it, go short! The 181 skis realy long.

Anyhow, hope one more opinion helps.
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