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Head Monster i.M72 "R"

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A question for you gear gurus out there. I stumbled across a listing at Ski Universe for a pair of Head Monster i.M72 "R" skis. In the listing description they say that the "R" model is simply the rental version of the i.M72 and that the only difference between the "R" and the normal model is a different coating on the topsheet to help prevent scratches and such.

My question is, how true is the description? I've done my googling and can't find any information about an i.M72 "R". I also searched around the EpicSki forums and wasn't able to find anything either. So I'm hoping someone can provide some extra info.

Lastly, has anyone ever purchased from Ski Universe? Is it a reliable/trustworthy site?

Thanks for any answers/info!
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Can't tell you about the "R" but I have purchased skis & bindings from Ski universe, for my son twice with no issues.
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Thanks for the info on Ski Universe!

Anyone with opinions/recommendations/insider info on the 72 R?
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